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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

March 2nd 2009 : Pudsey, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Pudsey Area of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Date: March 2 2009

Time: 2100

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: In between a semi-circle/turtle shell type shape.

Weather Conditions: Mostly Clear with a few clouds

Description: At around 9pm on Monday 2nd March I was walking my girlfriend to her car when I noticed a white light moving across the sky at considerable speed maybe a mile or so above the ground. The craft was travelling North East accross the West Leeds area. At a guess I would say it was travelling at around 1000mph as there was a plane in a landing pattern travelling North at maybe two times the hieght of the White shape and the plane was "crawling" along in comparison to it. As I watched it as it shot across the sky it went behind a cloud, reappeared and then seemed to disapear. As I say it was fairly low down and moving at a considerable speed. It had no blue or red lights on it and was just lit up all white in the semi circle/ turtle shell shape. It was visible for maybe 8-10 seconds before it vanished.

TV/Radio: Not the same incedent but the day before (Sunday 1st Mar) a few miles away from where I live the following sighting was seen following a couple of passenger planes coming into land at Leeds Bradford Int. Airport.

This was in the Yorkshire Evening Post (online too but this site wont let me post the link - just go to the yep website and search ufo)

[UFOINFO Note: The following report is available here on the UFOINFO website.]

" Published Date: 05 March 2009

AT around 9pm on March 1 while driving up Ramshead Drive from Northpark Way, Leeds 14 with my partner and our daughter, I observed to the west a very bright stationary object, which immediately drew my attention as being "not normal" and so I pulled over in the road to observe it.

From where we stopped we had a very clear view over the city centre to the south west, and just over to the west was a stationary bright white object hovering, I would say, at 1,000ft or less. It was what looked to be pulsating in size and changing colour from brilliant white to red in cycles. My partner, normally very sceptical about these things, was very excited at what we were observing. Both myself and my father have a very keen interest in the UFO abduction phenomenon, so I phoned my father to tell him about what I was observing, only to be told in a very excited tone how he too had seen the objects and was observing them with my mother and brother.

At this point, being very confused about them seeing more than one object, a red object of slightly smaller size appeared in the sky at a much lower altitude to the first, but pulsating and hovering at 500ft. I am training to be a pilot and feel I have an accurate knowledge on judging this height.

At this point, around 9.10pm, an aircraft (a Jet2 Boeing 737 LS348 from Dusseldorf) was approaching from the south descending into Leeds Bradford Airport, and must have also viewed these objects as it passed between them on its decent into Leeds.

This was a very spectacular sight, as just as the airliner passed the lower red object, it ascended vertically at a very high rate of speed before winking out and disappearing. The larger, higher, bright white and red object that had remained fairly stationary, now began to move to the west, constantly pulsating red and white, until it too winked out and disappeared into the distance at a very fast rate to the west.

At this point I made the journey back home to talk to my family about what I had seen, who also had exactly the same accounts to what I had just witnessed.

These objects were fairly stationary for at least around 10 minutes before departing sight. In that time not only did the airliner mentioned above pass through the airspace, but also another from Paris CDG also on approach into Leeds.

Both of these must have seen the objects, as must have Leeds air traffic control.

This was a very prolonged and significant event and definitely involved some sort of unidentified flying object.

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