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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

March 25th 2009 : Godalming, Surrey, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom

Date: March 25 2009

Time: 20.25pm

Number of witnesses: One ( myself )

Number of objects: One

Shape of objects: Spherical.

Weather Conditions: Clear, 3/8 cloud-cover above 15,000ft, visibility in excess of 10 miles.

Description: Object observed travelling on a heading of 130 degrees toward Dunsfold Aerodrome whilst passing overhead Farncombe / Godalming. Extremely bright orb, about the size of the full moon, orange and yellow in colour with those colours 'alternating' slowly, like two coloured liquids mixing in a bowl.

Altitude hard to judge accurately, but in excess of 2000 ft. I thought at first that it was a GA aircraft as brief flashes of light, like navigation beacons, could be seen within the orb - my reasoning was that it was an aircraft with its landing lights on, but it all seemed too bright for that and as it wasn't heading toward me, the landing lights wouldn't have been so prominent. In addition, the orb seemed both solid and yet had a 'halo' - very difficult to describe its appearance.

Object travelled silently and arrow straight for 60 seconds before suddenly plunging downward toward the ground. I thought that the 'aircraft' may have been trying to reach Dunsfold in an emergency and had failed. However, its fall came to an abrupt halt somewhere over Hascombe. My best estimate is an altitude loss of around 1500 ft in five seconds before stopping dead in the hover ( no aircraft can achieve this manoeuverability, which is the point where I became convinced this was not an aircraft ).

The object hovered for roughly 45 seconds, before drifting slowly 'right' on an approximate heading of 220 degrees. It then climbed to perhaps 1000ft before performing a series of erratic dips, climbs and accelerations far beyond the capability of any conventional aircraft, before coming to a halt at around 2000 ft and slowly fading from sight.

TV/Radio: Nothing yet, but I can't believe I'm the only witness to this sighting. It was very large, very bright and it must have cruised overhead the entire town of Farncombe, then cruised over Godalming, and would have been seen in Hascombe as well as Dunsfold very clearly.

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