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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

May 24th 2009 : Godalming, Surrey, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Godalming, Surrey, UK

Date: May 24 2009

Time: 11:26 pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Looked like 3 interconnected orange orbs, in a triangular formation

Weather Conditions: Clear, High visibility, no cloud cover, still wind

Description: To the very last detail, exactly the same as this report its quite unnerving how the sighting they reported matched this exactly.

My housemate and I were standing on the first floor balcony of our flat, looking out northwest towards Guildford. I first became aware of a large, bright object on the horizon. I started to pay close attention, first of all believing it to be a plane, but realising as it got closer that it was what appeared to be 3, interconnected orange orbs, which had the appearance of flaming - however they did at some points appear to morph around each other, and always remained in a triangular formation. at first it appeared to move south east towards us, but was climbing at a very high rate moving still in a south easterly direction. then, just like in the aforementioned sighting, I noticed it began to move horizontally, and in a southerly direction by this point it was very high (20,000ft+?).I remember at this point it was basically just a small orange dot travelling south and not ascending. Just before this though, it appeared to flicker more (atmospheric disturbance?) It then appeared to stop, and a few moments later,purely ascend. at one stage during this final ascent, I was unsure if I saw an object descend quickly from the bottom, I saw what I thought was a tiny point of light fall out and go out (no longer luminous) very quickly, the dot began to become very hard to see, then appeared to flicker and go out.(maybe from the atmosphere??).

After studying the UFO balloons I dont think could have been them in their original form, however it may be possible that someone took this concept further, perhaps stringing 3 very large versions together, somehow forcing it to maintain a triangular shape? im not sure what would account for the changes in motion but guess maybe if these began to go out they would stop ascending, maybe getting caught in crosswind. the sudden ascent maybe explained by the fuel dying out completely, causing a smaller dot which from ground up looked like an ascent? however, the way in which the final ascent appeared, it did seem more likely it was ascending, as was my first impression. or I guess it could be both as it gets lighter?

Im reporting this mostly for 2 reasons, firstly it was to the letter the same experience as the one in Coniston (except 3 large points of interconnected light, not one).. only a month later, and secondly because if this was a much larger (10x bigger id say), home made version of the UFO balloons, constructed into one, there could be a trend happening and it could possibly explain a few sightings, but mostly I report this as I am unable to explain this for myself, given even a plausible more rational explanation, it seemed too strange and bright and controlled to be so, and so there is a definite margin of doubt. We are both of sound mind are computer programmers, of logic and rational thought, but still this leaves a margin of doubt, especially increased by the presence of an identical sighting! If possible, id like you to make aware the original sighting witnesses that we have seen the same thing!


Hi sorry for the multiple posts I had a little more to add to my report. After reading more on the UFO balloons, this doesn't seem to match what we saw. The whole thing had disappeared within 1m 30s, whereas balloon reports seem to say they last for 10 minutes and only reach a height of 1000ft. I remember from the angle of my neck to the object that I was looking at something at least 20,000ft up when it began to move horizontally, and was so tiny in vision by that stage compared to the three large, intensely burning interconnected orbs at the start that it must have been at least that height.

After watching videos of UFO balloons, it was obvious too that it wasnt one in their original form at least, because the intensity of the flaming effect was huge compared to the balloons, and would have required a serious amount of fuel, it didnt just have the dullish glow - at one point my housemate suggested "afterburners" which should give some idea to the scale of intensity! Also it didnt seem to just meander around, it took a very definite path up and southwest, the horizontal - not ascending travelling purely south, then sudden and rapid ascent. very odd, would love to know what it really was but guess its one of lifes mysterys! Fun experience though, never seen a true UFO, wasn't scared by the experience but more, humbled and inspired!

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