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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

June 20th 2009 : Havercroft, West Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Viewed from Havercroft, West Yorkshire, looking South (South Yorkshire), towards village of South Hiendley

Date: June 20 2009

Time: Between 11:10 - 11:30

Number of witnesses: Two

Number of objects: Two

Shape of objects: Pulsing orb

Weather Conditions: Clear and calm slight breeze

Description: After longing to try out my new 20x80 binoculars I and my husband went to the highest point in our area to look at the night sky.

The area we stood at is looking South - South/west and is uninterrupted with no light saturation.

As we walked to along the field I looked out to the south in the village of South Hiendley, Barnsley at first glance with the naked eye I could see an orange orb which looked very much like a lamp post light, I stopped and took my binoculars to eye clearly an orange fuzzy light was evident, my husband had the old binoculars and viewed it with the binoculars also naked eye. He took not much note of the light as he had passed it off also as a lamp post. Studying I said 'I agree but one lamp post! unless its on a bend on a hill' all the time talking I still had the light in view, then it moved!! It began slowly moving right.

Now in my binocular view to the right of my view was a pylon, I kept this in view to make out the objects movements.

By now as I am going 'oh its moving' my husband was back looking at it in his binoculars then with his eye, it was clearly moving, it then stopped behind the pylon! Behind the pylon the object was about 20ft from the bottom, it proceeded to move up behind the pylon about 20 ft slowly, at this point the object is about 1/3 size of the pylon and is was just as wide as this was clearly visible, it then began to move slowly back down the pylon, then in an instant another object orange in colour smaller in size than the first, came in at a funny angle at high speed again visible with eye and binoculars, it then stopped next to the first light, moved behind it then to the side of it paused then undertook and sped off, the first light object just merrily went slow and steady off to the left until we lost sight behind some trees.

I tried to get some phone footage it is pretty pants you can only make out a pulsing light, no clear object. Day after this we drove past the pylon it is literally up the road. This was no way a Chinese lantern or a helicopter as we also thought it might be, until the other orange light appeared I was willing to give this a rational explanation however as I say the speed the angle at which the second orange light came in at leaves us questioning.

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