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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 3rd 2009 : Westfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Westfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Date: July 3 2009

Time: 20 To 11PM Night. (22:40)

Number of witnesses: At least three.

Number of objects: 7.

Shape of objects: Round red lights.

Weather Conditions: Quite good.

Description: I saw seven red lights flying across the sky at a relatively low altitude. The lights were spaced about 100 feet apart from each other, I thought that they might be a formation of aeroplanes or helicopters - their formation was more or less uniform, but there were no sounds of engines. They were flying from Halfway towards me in Westfield. And then over around a two minute period they vanished; as I recall each red light rose a bit in altitude, their distance relative to each other narrowed, and the one on the extreme left disappeared first followed by the others as they, I seem to think, veered to the left. They seemed to have been controlled by someone, or something, somewhere. They were not Flying Chinese Lanterns, their formation was too uniform and 'controlled'. I also know that a woman and her partner in Halfway filmed these seven red lights from just before 10.30 PM. Are the lights a Top Secret Military Aviation Project? Or Space Beings spying on us? I have to say that this sighting was SPOOKY and strange.

TV/Radio: I have sent an EMail Letter to The Star Newspaper, in Sheffield, to the Readers Letters section about the sighting. So I hope that the letter will be published in The Star in the next few days. In the letter I mentioned the woman and her partner filming the seven mysterious red lights, and also asked if other people had seen these UFOs.

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