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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 8th 2009 : Charnock Richard, Chorley, Lancashire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Charnock Richard, Chorley, Lancashire

Date: July 8 09

Time: 12:46am

Number of witnesses: Just me I think

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Appeared to be a glowing white ball

Weather Conditions: Good, bright.

Description: As I was standing in my garden having a cigarette and cup of tea, I was looking up at a dark cloud to my right side thinking to myself about possible further rain and thunderstorms may be coming.

Then immediately noticed out of the corner of my left eye something in the sky.

As I looked up there was a very brilliant, white bright, sphere shaped orb travelling towards the dark cloud. The thing had a trail behind it and was travelling at a ridiculous speed and appeared to be quite low in the sky.

My first reaction was it's a shooting star, I've seen them before but this was definitely not one. It was travelling way too fast and low, I would say approx 2-500 miles high.

The sighting lasted for about 3 secs, then as it approached the dark cloud, it just vanished. Gone. What scared me most was the noise. Just before it vanished I heard a sort of high pitched whistling or humming noise.

This was Definitely NOT an aircraft, it's the first ever thing I've seen like this and having been very sceptical in the past about ufo's, I now certainly believe that this "Thing" or whatever it was, was certainly not from our world.

Then I was thinking "was it an asteroid or meteorite?", but surely they don't come down that low do they?

As I'm typing this now, I'm still thinking of it and today I've been thinking of it.

As for telling anyone, I've not done yet for fear of them thinking i was drinking or something. That would never be the case as I am teetotal and not a drug user, in fact there is nothing to suggest I'm lying. Now I'm defending myself here!

This sighting has really got me thinking now about "Other" things out there.

I just hope somebody else near me saw it and reads this testament!!

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