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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 13th 2009 : Worthing, West Sussex, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Worthing, West Sussex, UK

Date: July 13 2009

Time: 23:00

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Silver White Ball

Weather Conditions: Clear except slight patches cloud to NorthWest. Dark. No wind, very slight breeze.

Description: Feeling very spooked, as have just seen an object almost identical to the one I witnessed (and reported) on 29th May in nearby location.

Was outside before turning in for night, and as usual glanced up to see if any stars visible.

Almost clear night and plenty of stars, when I noticed from corner of eye, a large and incredibly bright silver/white ball/sphere, constantly lit, slowly moving directly from West to East direction, heading away from my location.

This object was higher than the two planes which were also visible - one of which was flying from London towards South/South East coast at the time, and one returning to UK which was just above the coast flying Northwards.

This object was much larger than the aircraft and the brightness of the light was many times more intense and bright compared to aeroplane lights. Am sure at least one of the Pilots/Crew of those planes MUST have seen this thing?).

It was very similar to my earlier sighting in May, except this object was slightly smaller than the last (though still much larger than any star!), it did not suddenly increase in size this time, and wasn't changing direction like the previous time.

However, it was remarkably similar in several ways: intensely bright silvery white, clearly ball shaped, and much larger than any visible stars or planets.

Also, it didn't change direction (as previous sighting had), but instead it did appear to "stop" still several times as it went into the distance and, what was most remarkable, was that it appeared to dim in brightness and shrink in size slightly whenever it stopped still, even though its brightness did not diminish the further away it flew when it was moving.

It did not seem to dip towards horizon as flying objects would (heading into distance away from you) but instead seemed to keep at constant altitude in spite of increasing distance. Then after approx 9 minutes, this thing just vanished. Disappeared with no fading or decrease in size/brightness.

Possibly sounds crazy, but this is now the second time I have seen these things. In similar area and behaving in similar manner.

Am not at all frightened by the idea of life beyond Earth, however I actually felt quite scared when I saw this tonight, the hair on back of my neck went up.

What is frustrating is that all the countless times my partner looks at the night sky with me, these two sightings have both happened when I've been outside alone at night, which is quite annoying and rather unnerving. And again, it happened when I didn't have my camera to hand (am kicking myself about that.. but to be honest, was once again transfixed by this thing and couldn't take my eyes off it, so probably wouldn't have thought to get a picture anyway.).

As before, I have checked all the relevant authoritative sites to ensure this could not have been a passing satellite or ISS or Comet (using HEAVENS ABOVE and SPACEWEATHER websites) and come up with nothing to identify it. There was nothing passing this area at that time/date, in that direction.

And it certainly wasn't any plane or helicopter, nor a balloon or anything like that. This was a large solid looking object, with incredible brightness.

I really just hope others have seen this thing too and brave enough to report it. I'm certain some Pilots/Aviation people must have seen this thing.

TV/Radio: not yet. Will be reporting it to UK authorities (MOD).

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