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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 17th 2009 : Barnstaple, North Devon, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Barnstaple North Devon England

Date: July 17 2009

Time: 11.PM

Number of witnesses: 02

Number of objects: 01

Shape of objects: Diamond crystal

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: Hello John,

This sighting was told to me over the Telephone by my daughter today. I thought it should be logged with you ( I've always sent my ufo sightings in to Brian Vike )

This is what my daughter told me:

At last night,my daughter and husband were preparing for bed, my daughter was about to draw the bedroom curtains across when she noticed what she at first thought was an unusually bright star, she told me it was the intense bright blue that first attracted her, it was very bright intense blue she said. It soon became apparent to her that the object was clearly not a star, because it then started moving closer toward their house, she called her husband over to have a look, he saw the same thing, it wasn't a star as it came down lower, then started moving across their roof top, stopped, then it hovered there for approx one minute, the object was a big glowing brilliant pulsing blue diamond shape they said, it then started moving off very slowly across the sky in a straight flight path, then it suddenly just took off/gone in an instant they said.

What made this sighting all the more exciting for my daughter, she told me, was that she had made a passing comment to her husband last night, that she hadn't seen anything in the sky for a while now, she told him that she had a feeling that there might be something in the sky that night . Thank you.

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