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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 18th 2009 : Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Eastbourne East Sussex

Date: 07 18 2009

Time: 9:55pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Small round bright ORANGE

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: This small (beach ball size) ORANGE bright ball of Energy has passed over my back garden 3 times during June-July 2009..The first time was in June 2009, time 10.30pm witnesses 4 (me, Mrs, 2 next door neighbours) seen this ball of energy fly in a straight line flying silently, as in NO noise what so ever, flying low, to stop being detected by "Radar", it was flying so low I could see it 100%, and it just cruised towards the coast....Second time was a few weeks later, cause I seen it the first time I kept my eye out for it at night, while I was playing on line poker, I seen the orange light coming along the same flight path as the last time I seen it, so and I Run Out to the garden on my own and see if I can suss out what it was, once, silent, but this time I knew it knew I was watching it, once again so low I could throw a stone at it, so when it was 50 yards away from me, I shouted at it "aaAARRRR" and it slowed down its speed, I got nervous, and legged it in the house. This is NO joke. 3rd time, JULY once again I'm playing on line poker and my Mrs runs in the house, and said its back, so I run out, cause its so quick, and this time it only travelling exactly above my house in a straight line towards the coast, crafty little UFO, I know of 12 witnesses who have seen this orange light in Eastbourne, this month between 9.55pm-11.30pm (July 2009) you can contact me at [removed].

TV/Radio: This was reported on teletext BBC 160 regional news, "Coast guards warned people to be careful of letting off Chinese lanterns," as they were thought to be the cause of a false alarm SOS flare spotted off the coast of Sussex.


UFOINFO Note: I asked the witness what was his opinion regarding what he saw and the possibility of it being Chinese Lanterns and received the following reply:

Hi John,

This orange light has travelled over my property 3 times in the last 2 months. No way is it a Chinese lantern, every time I see it I try to suss it out, and I can't, it is 100% non-human. This orange light is appearing every where, reason being it can travel so fast, i've seen it zoom off in another direction, it also know's when you are watching it, cause when we tried to film it, it zooms off, if I seen it once-fair enough, it could be a lantern, but once I shouted at it, and it slowed down (when it was 50 foot away from me), I crapped it, that was the second I seen, the 3rd time - I shouted at it again but when it was further away from me, and it stopped and zoomed off into another direction, WE ARE NOT ALONE. I spoke to a local pet shop owner and he Mrs, and she walks her dog up "Beachy Head, East Sussex" and she said she see's 8 of them dancing in the air above the sea just off Beachy Head, she has seen um a few times, some of them are yellow.

PS I am 45 yrs old and have NEVER seen anything like this before, also I know over 10 witnesses who have seen this orange light in Eastbourne.....

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