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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 18th 2009 : Kettering, Northamptonshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Kettering, Northants, United Kingdom

Date: 18 07 09

Time: 11:15pm

Number of witnesses: 4

Number of objects: 6

Shape of objects: Triangular in shape, flying in a triangle formation

Weather Conditions: Clear sky with light patches of cloud

Description: Kettering-18th July 2009

Jul.20, 2009 in Northamptonshire

Location of Sighting: Kettering

Date of Sighting: 18th July 2009

Time: 11:15pm

Witness Statement: Me and my girlfriend had just finished watching a DVD, we went outside to have a cigarette, we were talking, suddenly a couple of flashes of pale white light crossed our perceptive view of the night sky. I asked my girlfriend if that was lighting, but before I could finish my sentence, within a matter of seconds, an eerie strange light pulsed from green to a moment of deep red, stretching across, illuminating a part the sky in front of us. It was a starry clear night with some patches of cloud; the cloud where the light occurred seemed to intensify the color of this unusual looking light. After our awe and disbelief of what we had seen, my mind tried to rationalize this phenomenon, the first thing that entered my mind was an aura, due to some atmospheric changes or something.

However, the next thing what happened totally gripped every particle of my being. My girlfriend said ‘’look!” guiding my eyes, pointing to separate objects passing over our line of sight. These objects had a reddy/orange pulse of light and where silent as they crossed the starry night sky, my estimate is that they where traveling around 70-80mph, flying in a triangle formation heading towards Broughton, Cranford or Warkton. They were traveling about the same height as a light aircraft.

I remember saying to my girlfriend that those are no military aircraft, Chinese lanterns or any other rationalization me and others usually formulate. Once the objects disappeared from our sight into the distance, I immediately phoned friends and family with an exited elevation of speech about what we had just seen. My girlfriend went upstairs to go toilet and as she passed the landing window, she noticed another pale flash in the night sky, she grabbed the camera and raced down stairs back into the back garden saying, ‘’she thinks there’s another one coming over” sure enough, another three came in to view in the same formation and followed the same flight path as the first sighting. Unfortunately, the time my girlfriend set up the camera to take the night shot the objects were too far in the distance to capture.


Other witnesses report can be seen on above link

[UFOINFO Note: I checked with Andy at UK UFO Sightings and he confirmed the report is sent from the same witness and not 'lifted' from his site.]

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