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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

August 16th 2009 : Wakefield bordering Barnsley, West Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Wakefield bordering Barnsley West Yorkshire UK

Date: 16 08 2009

Time: Various times

Number of witnesses: Up to 5

Number of objects: 1-3

Shape of objects: Varied

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: We have on numerous occasion had sightings of UFO's.

1997, I witnessed a low a flying object, green underside, top looked like a bullet in gray metalic colour, flat bottomed, disturbed air flow with 'vapour' looking trail, slow moving then accelerated silently. Reported next day on radio and paper by other people around Barnsley area.

Myself and Husband have witnessed many strange objects, armed with binoculars 20x80 and night vision witnessed bright orange object same as street lamp, moved inwards towards a pylon paused went behind raised slowly up then down it was then joined by a fast moving object, flew slowly around the first object then flew off at great speed, first object slowly went around the pylon and then slowly disappeared behind trees. 2009.

Silent object illuminated by moon on beautiful clear night, witnessed by myself and Husband a silent almost invisible object flew over us directly then another appeared flying at a 5 past 7 angle to each other they illuminated and flew off at speed, synchronised. Similar happenings for the next three weeks, seeing same description but pausing then speeding pausing then speeding movement. A large object went over the house witnessed by my husband invisible again but light caught the back end which was said to be a semi circle. all witnessed in August-September 2009.

Last week whilst working in Leeds in the North west side which is high looking over Leeds, I along with another member of the public witnessed a glowing Orange ball of light in the sky towards North East, it was moving slowly and we witnessed it for about 2 mins before we lost sight of it behind houses, I understand others have begun to report their sighting via other report you sighting.

There are quite a few others to add I would just love to understand more about what they are.. ?


UFOINFO Note: As with other similar reports I asked the witness to have a look at the UFO Balloons website to see if this is what might have been seen and received the following reply:

Hi John

Thank you for the email.

I can and have seen how the Chinese lantern can be confused with a UFO!!
I took liberty in purchasing some binoculars 20x80 to get the closer view, to try and find reason before judgement.

The 'orange glow/light/orb' reported in sky over the Yorkshire area, I also witnessed along with a member of the public, it was in my view, bright for a lantern, we were high up looking over Leeds, for miles the view looked like it was a big bowl, I could see the M1, M62 and beyond, it was strange to say the least what struck me was how Orange and large it was.

I must admit, over the years sitting in the garden looking up has been taking place, ever since seeing a UFO Close up. It kinda gets you hooked !! Also gives you 'Results' !

I know alot of people who just will not even listen to the evidences of UFO's over the years I and many others have witnessed 'strange things in sky' and they didn't appear to be manned by any earthing.

I always wonder how peoples faiths and beliefs would be affected if it transpired some other 'intelligence' exsisted ! ?

Thank you once again I hope the pursuit isn't in vain,
take care

Kind regards

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