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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

October 22nd 2009 : Morden, Surrey, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Morden, Surrey

Date: 22 10 2009

Time: 21.30

Number of witnesses: 7

Number of objects: 7

Shape of objects: Triangular and disc

Weather Conditions: Dry, clear skies, cold

Description: I received a phone call from my partners best friend about 20 minutes ago [it is now 22:00hrs] who lives locally to me asking if I had witnessed UFO's this evening.

He was extremely panicky in his voice and was running down the road at the time of the initial call as he and his partner believed that a UFO had landed on the green at the end of his road. In his panic he mentioned 'the Peckham UFOs from 20th October' which can be viewed on youtube.

I left my house and went outside to see if I could see anything but I couldnt, bear in mind he lives about half a mile from us a little down hill. I asked that he call me back when he returns home. His return call approx 10 minutes ago I took the following information.

Apologies if this information is a bit lacking, I felt as if I was interrogating the poor bloke! Before I start please let it be known that I asked on 3 occassions whether it could have been 'Chinese lanterns' (especially as there appears to be some kind of party going on in Morden Park which is quite local) but he swears this is not the case. This is my assumption. There was absolute panic in his voice, knowing him for years I have never heard him like this before. We don't even talk normally on the phone apart from pleasantries as he is my partner's friend. He even asked me if this could be linked to 2012 end of times. We have discussed UFOs though. Anyway what he told me is exactly as I have written down and as follows...

7 orange objects triangular he witnessed one similar object on 20th October 2009 (the date of the Peckham sighting).

1 object came very low over their house disc shaped flying over the Rosehill area silent and made no noise not flying high seemed as low as the school building opposite their house.

7 witnesses including his partner and brother.

What appears to helicopters flying around [we live half a mile away and could not hear helicopters outside as we would expect] first sighting was at 9.30pm there was flashing lights almost like lightening and not from planes all over the sky the lowest 2 craft were disc shaped and as they passed extremely low over his house the lights went off but then as the craft passed over the house the lights returned as the craft passed over the house they were black and triangular I have all of this written down should it be needed.

I promised I would report this. I believe it probably was Chinese lanterns but a few bits niggle at me. I have reported on here before and am of sane mind as is my friend and his partner and brother. I do not know who the other witnesses were.

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