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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

November 13th 2009 : Swalecliffe, Kent, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Swalecliffe, East Kent, United Kingdom

Date: November 13 2009

Time: 12.30am - 03.00am

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 8

Shape of objects: The eight UFO 'vehicles' ranged from pulsating orange sphere shapes to a glass-type pyramid structure with a white, glowing oblong base. As well as these designs there was a huge, white lighted, ghostly UFO that appeared ovaloid with curled side sections.

Weather Conditions: Very heavy cloud cover with no stars visible.

Description: Whilst walking along the seafront between Hampton on the outskirts of Herne Bay in East Kent, going towards Swalecliffe I noticed on the Thames Estuary near to the Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm, what appeared to be a large dancing and pulsating sphere. It changed from blue to green to white and through to a reddish colour, then orange and bright yellow before going back to blue in colour.

I watched the object for around 45 minutes as it was looping round and round, then shooting vertically upwards at phenomenal speed then stopping and doing sharp right angles. The UFO also appeared to bounce, hopping across level sections of the skyline. It proceeded after 20 minutes of me watching it, to travel closer to the shoreline and beach area. It was very bright, and seemed to ripple, affecting the electromagnetic frequencies around it. It blinked out, appeared again and blinked out again.

The UFO then flew back out towards the shipping lanes in the Thames Estuary and seem to hover and bounce above a number of large ships. Then there was a bright flash of blue light, follow around 5 minutes later with a flash of yellow light. I then saw an orange spherical structure appear from the original spherical UFO and it flew off towards the Isle of Thanet, flying past the Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm.

I then noticed over Hampton, which is an suburb of Herne Bay, another orange spherical UFO hovering over there. It then moved very fast to the right, then left and then right again. That UFO then seemed to 'turn off' light a light bulb. 10 minutes later the strange and large ghostly, white light ovaloid UFO appeared about 20 feet above the waters of the Thames Estuary, next to the old, dilapidated Herne Bay Pier remains offshore. The ovaloid, white light UFO then slowly circled the Herne Bay Pier remains and moved inland, staying about 20 feet above the water line.

It stopped by Hampton Pier, rose up over the Hampton Pier Car Park and moved towards the Hampton Inn Public House. This occurred approximately between 02.15 AM to 02.25 AM. The ovaloid UFO at close range appeared translucent, glass-liked and very ghostly, making no noise, and moved about 10 feet above the beach huts in Hampton, next to the Hampton Pier Yacht Club.

From 02.25 AM through to 03.00 AM, the ovaloid UFO moved out across the Thames Estuary in parallel movement to the glass-like pyramid UFO resting on a bright, glowing, white light oblong base. I watched it then created a huge flash of orange light and an orange sphere UFO then appear from the right side of it. That UFO then began bouncing up into the air, rising to around 200 feet and the descended to water level and move at pace to the right of the ovaloid UFO. At that point I decided to leave.

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