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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

November 29th 2009 : Near Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire, England

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Near Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire, England

Date: November 29th 2009

Time: Approx 1am

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Circular

Dear UFO people,

Let me say straightaway that I am a total sceptic when it comes to so-called UFOs.

However, may I tell you what both I and my wife saw this morning, Sunday 29th November?

We had gone to bed last night at around 11.30, but neither of us could get to sleep. Our bedroom window faces approximately North East, more or less towards ex-RAF station Kemble, and we are well used to occasional aircraft movements, even at night. It's an aircraft storage unit now, and aircraft up to the size of 747s are flown in there for eventual salvage and spares. I am ex-Fleet Air Arm, and can distinguish the difference in sound between, say, a Hunter and a 747.

Our back garden is very private, and we normally sleep with the blinds and curtains open. At around one a.m. I was just beginning to drop off to sleep, but was suddenly made aware of a very bright circular light in the sky, coming from the direction of Kemble. Because this light was so large and so bright, it destroyed my sense of perspective, so I couldn't give any accurate idea of speed, height or distance, but my impression would have been 500/1000 feet altitude, with distance being not overhead, perhaps a quarter of a mile distant. Speed is more difficult, but a sheer guess would put it at around 150/200 mph. As I say, the size of the "ball" of light did not allow one to make an ordinary judgement. There were no nav. lights, no landing lights and no anti-collision lights.

It looked very similar to the thing shown in the short video on your site, taken in Tetbury in 2008. It was orangey yellow in colour, it made no sound and it was in our view for about 5-8 seconds, before disappearing behind our neighbour's house. The ball of light appeared to glow constantly, and kept it's shape and did not look like a fireball. It was so bright that any pilot's night vision would have surely been impaired, wherever the source of light had been located on a conventional aircraft. The strange thing was that had it continued on the course it appeared to be on, it should have re-appeared on the other side of my neighbour's house after a second or two, but it did not, or at least if it did, it's lights were by then switched off. I then checked my clock and it read 01.05 exactly.

I spoke to my step-son this morning, who, after ascertaining we hadn't taken too much wine last night, suggested it might have been one of those paraffin fuelled Chinese lantern type balloons. Maybe it was. It most certainly did not feel like anything I have ever seen before.

Over to you....

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