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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

December 9th 2009 : A696 Northbound, near Capheaton, Northumberland, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: A696 northbound, near Capheaton. Northumberland, England

Date: December 09 2009

Time: 5.45pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Narrow isosceles triangle

Weather Conditions: The sky was in total cloud cover and slightly orange/brown from the distant city lights, I could clearly see the outline of the shapes against the backdrop of sky.

Description: Driving home from work my partner adam pointed out 3 triangular orange/red lights in the sky, gliding from east to west about 500 feet high, as smooth as anything. I wound down my passenger side window to hear what it sounded like and get a better look. There was no noise whatsoever. Just as it disappeared out of sight over the hill to the west, another one appeared, same thing except I got a much close look this time. It was what appeared to be a completely black triangle, totally flat on all sides and not flying too fast (it reminded me of a paper airplane except totally flat). Just as this one disappeared over the hill in the same direction a huge fighter jet flying remarkably low comes chasing/following the triangles from the east, the noise was immense from the fighter, it banked around a little and went over the hill too, just as a second fighter comes close behind. I got a brilliant look at the second fighter, it was massive and very well lit up. No more crafts were seen. As soon as we got home, only 10 mins later I searched on the internet for American, European and British aircraft currently in use, the black triangles were not like anything the militarys claim to be in use today or from the past. Maybe something new, but, if these are going to be claimed as “military training exercises” why would a new stealth bomber be so publicly displayed, why would they fly over a busy road at the end of rush hour, why would they be lit up for all to see and why would such huge and loud fighters be chasing/following them drawing huge attention to themselves?????

The triangles I seen that night were flying steadily across the sky and without apparent formation. They were neither slow or speeding. If I had to work a figure I would say approximately 80 miles and hour.

Because the fighters were flying so fast, double the triangles speed, I would hazard they were attempting to catch up. I would love to have seen what happened over that hill as they were only moments away from interception.

After research I believe the fighters to be F14 tornados, with their wings still mostly folded back. Afterall I seen these the closest. By that point I was gawking out the car window!

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