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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

December 16th 2009 : Carlton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Carlton, Barnsley, Sth Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Date: December 16th 2009

Time: 18:40 pm approx

Number of witnesses: ?

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Difficult to assess in dark but appeared like an orange ball

Weather Conditions: Rain during the day but dry at time with light cloud.

Description: This is now the second time I have witnessed this object, the first time was around 11:30pm some months ago, I was in my driveway when it was brought to my attention by a neighbour as he walked home past my house, he thought it looked odd. Although dark at the time I could tell it was much lower than an aircraft would fly, I would guess about the height of a fairly low flying police helicopter. It was totally silent and quite slow moving as it passed over my home in an approximate North by North Easterly direction. The object as it went almost over my head appeared to change angle and appeared to be 2 orange balls close together one immediately behind the other, like a bar-bell, I followed it's progress until it stopped and held it's position for a few minutes in the sky, at this point, I'm assuming because of the angle, it again appeared as one large orange ball. As I continued to watch through my open lounge window I was distracted by the telephone and seconds later when I turned back to watch it had entirely disappeared from the sky, which it could not have done travelling at the relatively slow speed I observed. It certainly wasn't a police helicopter as there was no sound and they are very noisy when they are in the area, it didn't have as many lights as an aircraft, or helicopter nor did it follow any flight path that is seen in this vicinity, police helicopters are the only craft that may fly directly over my house roof, front to back and again I confirm there was no sound.

The sighting tonight was of the same orange ball of light but it travelled in the opposite direction, but slightly more South East of my home, it was fairly low in the sky and could still be seen as it passed by my home and entered some light cloud heading towards Barnsley town. I tried to get a photo but In the dark sky I could not find the object on my camera screen at 36x zoom. Again it was totally silent, there was almost no breeze, what very little there was crossed it's path in a more Easterly to South Easterly direction. It travelled a little faster and slightly higher than the first one I saw a few months ago. These objects are certainly nothing I have ever seen in my 58 years.

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