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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

December 25th 2009 : Ilford, Essex, England

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Location: Ilford, Essex, England

DAte: December 25th 2009

Time: 10:15pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 5

At 10.15 pm on Christmas night, my wife and I saw 5 red lights flying silently over Ilford Essex, in a formation of one two --one--one.

They were flying East towards the coast and may have flown over London.

Can anyone else confirm our sighting and identify what we saw.

Many Thanks.


UFOINFO Note: I asked the witness if there was any possibility that what he saw was UFO balloons/Chinese lanterns as there was a lot of these let off at Christmas. I received the following reply:

Thank you for replying.

Not Chinese lanterns, they were flying machines as one was hovering until the other had flown past.

I thought they may have been black projects from Suffolk air base.

We live on a flight path (Stansted) and I watch the sky a lot and know the sky in my area, but these red lights were a shock to me when they flew past.

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