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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

May 8th 2010 : Marazion, Cornwall, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Marazion Cornwall UK

Date: May 8 2010

Time: 9.45pm - 10.10pm

Number of witnesses: Two

Number of objects: Two

Shape of objects: Larger was horizontal, smaller was tiny orb

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: Yes

Weather Conditions: Clear, no wind, slight mist high, no rain av temp

Description: Elongated horizontal shape with row of non blinking diode type intense but not bright lights, alternatively red, then blue, then red and blue, then blue and red; sometimes various combinations. Unseen, but seen on photographs taken is a small orb some distance to the side - sometimes left, sometimes right. There was no discernible movement up or down, as with a kite that would have to be pulled to keep it airborne in still air; the object was essentially stable, but moved slightly in various directions until it disappeared.

Reported to Penzance police ref. **** for investigation. Officer said it could be a Chinese lantern, but if so the distance and perspective would make it about twenty feet wide, too big if such was the the case. No noise. No an aircraft. Appeared along shoreline of St. Michael's Mount, Mount's Bay, which has a history of such sightings, with a ley line running through the area. Police later reported no further information from their visit to the presumed site.

TV/Radio: To Daily Mail, Daily Express London, with email photos; to local Cornishman with photos. Details as above, except sighting occurred coincidentally when I was writing about such objects, and as such this has been about the one hundredth coincidence in the past six months, although not on this subject.


Update June 22nd 2010:

Dear John:

That 'sighting' was followed up in The Cornishman in Penzance. Aptly was a huge diode-lighted one off kite a visitor had made. Local went to beach to check it out and talked to the chap.

UFOINFO Note: A quick search on Google found the article at the This Is Cornwall website.