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UFO Sighting Report - UK

June 4th 2010 : Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Belfast

Date: June 04 2010

Time: 02.30am approx

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Star like, bright white sphere

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Slightly cloudy with clear skies

Description: I was out the back garden having a late night ciggie, and was gazing at the stars, thinking about UFO's ironically. I was viewing two stars which were the biggest and brightest of those around them. I looked away for a second before noticing that another 'star' or what I thought was a star I had missed in my original scan of the skies, but it did seem to be out of place, and I was certain that it had not been there before. Just as I was looking up at it, I thought of UFO videos I had seen were people pointed up at the UFO and it seemed to telepathically know it was being viewed and shone a light at them or flew closer to them as if to signal 'We know your watching our ship, and now you know that we know that you know' (if that makes sense lol?) then suddenly to my absolute amazement, and God as my witness, the 'star' (ufo) began to get bigger and brighter, almost increasing in size by about five or 6 fold, as if it was only shining its 'beam' to me to signal that it had been alerted some how to me watching it. The light was extremely bright and could not, and I mean NOT have been a helicopter spotlight as it was too bright, plus it was too far away (too near the ceiling of the sky, far too high for helicopters to reach) to be a helicopter plus it had no sound - and coming from Belfast Im used to seeing alot of helicopters including Army helicopters (because of the troubles) so I know in my heart it wasnt a helicopter, plus it didnt have the wee bleeping light thingy on it so other aircraft can see it..wasnt a plane either...Astonishingly as it got bigger and brighter it seemed to morph into two ships before quickly shrinking its 'beam' of light - then moved to the left - then moved to the right before completely disappearing.

As I was in total shock about my experience, i stood out my back for an hour looking towards the skies to try and dis-prove to myself that it wasnt an alien spacecraft...I research alot about UFOS (check out cost to coast am by the way and the disclosure project) and I am convinced that what I saw could not have been anything other than a UFO..I now firmly, 100% and absolutely believe that they exist, having believed 99.9% up until this incident - especially after their wee telepathic thing they did by shining their beam to me....

I talked to a friend about it two weeks later and on the same night of describing what i have described above, we both saw another one which I have also documented on this site.

I solemnly swear that this is not a hoax and would be more than willing to talk further or answer questions anyone out there may have. Im also interested if anyone else is seeing similar things around our skies in Belfast recently, and also if anyone knows what authorities could be chased up to find out if there are any offical sightings by police, airline pilots etc around the same time as my sightings...

The Truth is here out now!


Dear John,

The email was from my good self. I am absolutely convinced as is my friend that what we saw definitely correlates to the undeniable and increasing accounts of UFO sightings, and somethings definitely going on up there..Disclosure project ring a bell, Dr. Greer lol? Anyways what I witnessed alone and what me and my friend saw at the weekend definitely fits and is similar to thousands and thousands of sightings all over the world, believe me, iv seen enough videos and documentaries to know that what I saw was unequivocably a UFO or alien phenomenon.

Noticing other activity tonight in the skies, might be worthy of further explanation on the sight, but im keeping an eye on things and when something more absolute, like the previous two experiences comes along ill post it up.