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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 17th 2010 : Banstead, Surrey, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Banstead, Surrey, England

Date: July 17 2010

Time: 11:15pm (approx)

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: More than 10

Shape of objects: Cylindrical/cigar shaped

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear with occasional cloud

Description: My 9-year old son wanted to camp out in the back garden and before going to sleep he wanted to look for shooting stars. We pitched the tent so its opening was facing north.

We had been watching for a few minutes, when a very bright yellow/orange light, very low in the sky moved into view from from the north west moving to the north east. It was gradually ascending but was still low enough to become hidden by our neighbour's house to the north. As it reappeared on its steady trajectory, it continued to ascend and eventually disappear high to the north east.

20 to 30 seconds later the same thing happened again; then again.

At this point I rushed into the house and put on my distance glasses and picked up the binoculars to try and get some definition to what were just a very bright light sources to me at this point. (Why didn't I pick up the camera? Doh!) As I went back outside and rejoined my son, a pair of the objects passed in formation, following the identical trajectory to all the previous ones. These were followed by other pairs over the period of about the next five or so minutes.

It was impossible to judge their size, speed and distance. They could've been small, near and fairly slow or big, more distant and fast. If they were distant, they were probably flying across London. If they were near they were totally silent. The brightness suggested that were probably not too far away.

We have a lot of aircraft activity above us day and night, being near Gatwick and Heathrow airports' flight paths, but these were no commercial aircraft; we've seen every permutation of lightshows from them. The lights were bright non-directional sources.

We also get helicopters circling from time to time in that direction, I'm not sure why, but again, these were no helicopters.

I thought I'd have a look on the internet on Sunday and see if anyone had reported this anywhere. I couldn't find any such reports, but when I found this site, I saw the picture of the sighting at Louth on July 10th. This was what we saw, only much brighter than the photo.


Additional information:

I can't remember exactly what I wrote, but I think I said that the colour was yellow to orange. Thinking back, while this is true, it did vary and become red, as in firework red. The change wasn't quick, just a slow variation.

I'm bit of a cynic with these things, although I'd love to believe, I've seen little hard evidence, and until now never witnessed anything, not that I've really been looking.

My question has always been: why did only one or two people see something that was incredibly bright and unusual flying over a major urban area?

Now I've seen something that I cannot explain that may or may not have a rational explanation, but until then it remains to me, by definition, a UFO.

Thanks for your interest.