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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

August 5th 2010 : Mortlake, London, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: London, England

Date: 08 5 2010

Time: 22:40

Number of witnesses: Just me

Number of objects: 5

Shape of objects: 3 fast hi-alt pin dot satellite types and 1 very interesting fast wing shaped object. Black helicopter also after the sighting!

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Hi-alt haze no low clouds

Description: Looking straight upwards, I saw at hi-alt 3 satellite type objects ( pin dot white light, no twinkling) moving north-n-e. Two of them where on a slight convergence route the other crossed their path going north. The two convergence objects; one of which was of a slightly faster than normal satellite speed, while the other was moving very fast and clean (3 or 4 times faster than a normal sat type object, no trails I was quit impressed with this fast object!. 2 mins later I caught a glimpse of a wing like object, this object was not as hi as the others but still quite hi (3 thousand feet or so?). It was flying from same area of sky but lower and towards the west, also much faster than an aircraft of an equivalent size and height. It moved in a straight line for about 5 sec's then did a sweeping u-turn without banking or dropping height, this very crisp manouver looked like nothing ive ever seen before. It went off in the direction of the 2 satellite-like objects. So 3 sat's and a wing like craft, no sounds or trails. The wing like craft had a slight orange glow as if lit up by the city's street lights, it was faint. I managed to view this wing with a low powered monocular. It was not a bird or a plane, the movement was not familiar.

Just as I was watching this wing object a commercial aircraft flew under the line of view of the wing, the commercial aircraft was much lower, I'm on the approach flight path to Heathrow and could easily see the wheel landing gear of the commercial plane and don't think it had any influence on the much higher wing object which was now flying away out of sight...

Coincidence! but not related in height; a black helicopter flew low and fast over my roof top off in a North-East direction. This helicopter crossed behind the path of the commercial aircraft a few mins later...


Hi and thx for your email, here is my town Mortlake which is south London...The winged object I saw looked like a Polecat-P-175 type of craft? it turned so easily almost on the spot, like it pivoted on its right wing tip!