UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

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Faversham, Kent, England

June 14th 2014

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Faversham, United Kingdom

Date: 06/14/2014

Time: 23:09 - 23:17

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Octahedron or diamond shaped

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: Not applicable

Weather Conditions: The weather conditions were those of a typical summery climate, including clear skies and a gentle, warm breeze.

Description: I was walking along the pathway at Faversham Creek, and observed over the Swale, two, large, very bright, shimmering, orange coloured fireballs. Both the UFOs seemed to be hovering silently at an altitude of around 400 feet above ground. As I watched the UFOs, they seemed to radiate sparks of light, almost as if the UFOs were generating electromagnetic fields. The initial fireball appearance of the UFOs changed, as they began flying slowing along the Swale, adjacent to the South Swale Local Nature Reserve.

Then both the UFOs began pulsating and flared in brightness, until from each UFO, a smaller, reddish or scarlet coloured spherical object appeared. Both these spherical UFOs then flew at high speed away from the orange UFOs, in the direction of Oare and Teynham. The original UFOs carried on flying along the Swale, in the direction of where Whitstable is located. Both of these objects could be seen coming to a stop over Whitstable, and seemed once again to just hover silently as they had before.

UFOINFO comment: As I had received a few comments sent to me that what was being seen by this witness in the Whitstable and surrounding area was lanterns I thought I should get his view and sent the following reply:

"Thank you for the sighting report. You might be interested (or not) to know that since your last report I have had several reports from that area where they all claim that what is being seen are lanterns/ufo balloons. Obviously I have no way of telling who is correct but thought I should let you know."

The witness replied:

Hello John.

I have heard all about the Chinese Lanterns 'theory' and this information might be of interest to you. A Chinese Lantern burns for only around 7 minutes and 30 seconds. They rarely go above an altitude of 500 feet because of this. Chinese Lanterns drift on wind currents. Studying the UFO Phenomena has been a passion of mine for decades. Therefore, from observing commercial and military aircraft and the like, I have a very accurate level of awareness of what is defined as a UFO in the sense of being extraterrestrial or not. I have observed UFO Vehicles over the years fly across the skies and stop, do a right angle and fly off again. On other occasions UFOs teleport out of nowhere in a flash of light and then fly off.

In November 2009 I watched a fireball type UFO flew directly over Studd Hill, near to Swalecliffe in Kent. The object flew directly towards the Thames Estuary then stopped. It then plummeted towards the surface of the water and stopped just before splashing into the water. The UFO then began bouncing and swaying just above the water, before flying off again towards Sheppey. I have regularly gone out with friends UFO spotting along the coast, near to where I live. We all have seen UFO activity that has always been very strange, going on late at night, from around 23.00 onwards on some occasions.

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