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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

1961 : Ordsall, Nottinghamshire, England

Ordsall, Nottinghamshire, England Tubular Shaped Craft

Hello Brian, Here is another UK sighting for you, which came to me via the Ham Radio network's BBS. I sent one a couple of weeks ago but I have not seen it listed in any of your reports ?. In case it got lost I am sending it again.

1) Previously sent:

Sighting: Ordsall, Nottinghamshire, England.
Appearance of Object: Tubular

Hello again, I can only ever remember seeing one thing that I could classify as a UFO in the sense of believing that it was certainly extra-terrestrial and that was just a few weeks before I left school. I guess those of us who saw it were all of similar opinions on the matter. It was an afternoon in late spring, a warm clear day with very little cloud about. What we saw appeared to be tubular in shape with a taper at both ends, I suppose you might call it Cigar shaped. It was clearly a dark colour and longer than any aircraft that was around at the time. I couldn't estimate how high it was, but it was close enough to be able to hear that it was making a sound. Thinking about it now, I would say it was slightly higher pitched than 50Hz mains humm that is familiar to many of us, particularly in the UK, that we would hear from a transformer under load. It just seemed to be "hanging" motionless, but obviously was moving because as we watched it the sound became fainter and it looked to be getting smaller then quite suddenly it moved very quickly straight over where we were standing and disappeared at very high speed.

We told our science teacher about it and he said that he didn't doubt our story and said he was not prepared to try and offer any explanation because he believed that it was very likely that such things as "Flying saucers" did exist. Ever since then, I have been of the firm opinion, that it would be extremely arrogant of mankind to assume that this planet is the only one in this or other universes to be inhabited by intelligent life and that somewhere it is a safe bet that there are life forms with far greater technical advances than we can understand.

After receiving this first information I sent a Packet Radio message to him asking for more details and permission to print his story.

Additional information received:

The other details as best I can remember them are:

Date time etc. It would have been around the middle to later half of May 1961. I was 13 years old at the time. The place I remember very well and the time is easy as we were on our way home from school. School finished at 16:00 hrs local time so it would have been around 15 or 20 minutes after 16:00. we were stood on a railway bridge just outside a village named ORDSALL, Near RETFORD, Nottinghamshire, England. I have checked the longitude and latitude using ms autoroute and it says it is latitude 53.312 degrees North, longitude 0.956 degrees west. The railway bridge on Ordsall road. There are (typical of the UK) a couple of other places called Ordsall so don't confuse them if you search for it on a map, or the internet.

The height I couldn't say really, I doubt if my perception of height at that age was particularly good, but lower than we used to see aircraft flying and they were the old propeller aircraft back then. Size comparison, again I can only estimate but if my arm was outstretched and thumb extended, my thumb would only have masked a small part of the object, maybe a third of it at most.

I hope that is of use to you.

By the way, crazy or not, I also believe in the existence of other, sometimes considered cranky things, like paranormal activity, ghosts, spirits etc. I have good reason to, I have had some strange experiences that have no other explanation. Regards,

(Name removed) who in later years went onto become an "Amateur Radio Operator".

Thank you to my friend in Africa who is responsible for providing us/me this information. What is so great about these reports, is that the gentleman is gathering these sighting reports over the Ham Radio network's. Again, this report came in from my friend in Africa, so I thank him very much for this excellent report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]