Harlow, Essex UFO Sightings

Date: 1962

Hi Brian,

I live in Harlow, Essex, about twenty minutes drive away from the recent sightings of the orange ball UFO seen in Loughton on the 10/09/05. I did not see the particular UFOs in question but have seen the same type on a previous occasion and may be able to throw some light on this particular type of craft/phenomena.

This is a bit complicated and I'll try to keep it short. These orange balls keep showing up in the UK and I saw one in 1962. I was nine years old. I had come out of my friend's house after watching a BBC series called "The Monsters", about reptile/dinosaur creatures taking over the world. The program is significant in that it was never repeated so I was able to track it down online and get an exact date of when this experience took place.

9:PM 29/11/62 I came out of my friend's house, which faces south, and I saw the moon in front of me and slightly to the right at about 60 degrees to the ground. I turned left along the footpath for a few yards and left again on the main street. This put me in a northerly direction. I only had a few hundred yards to go and I would be at home. I was not in a hurry but neither was I hanging about as it was very cold that time of the year and that time of night. As I crossed a small road I became aware of what looked like the moon to my right (east).

I knew I had just seen the full moon so it couldn't be that. I stopped and looked at this ball of yellowy, pearly orange. To give some idea of its size and proximity it must be understood that it was above two designated police houses (something that no longer exists in the UK), behind which is a wood full of mature oak and pine trees (even 43 years ago the oaks were quite tall) that go back about two hundred yards. The ball was about 45 to 50 degrees and, holding my fist up now, it was easily bigger than my fist by about 10%. This thing was close and I feel sure it knew I was there. It had two round dark patches, one each to the left and right lower half. I have often explained this by saying that if you looked at a model of a "Grey" alien's head and tipped it down, then the head would be the round shape of the craft and the top most part of the eyes would be represented by the dark patches.

The contrast between the patches and the ball colour was like that of the dark patches you see on burning coals and, indeed the ball had that kind of coal like light to it. The night was mainly clear with a light wind blowing a few wispy clouds across the sky. As a cloud passed over the ball I could still see the light glowing through the cloud. The cloud passed and I watched for some two minutes before the ball vanished as if it had been switched off like a light.

There was another episode that occurred that year which may or may not be significant. But before I get into that let me say that I grew up very interested in the UFO phenomenon and in 1986 started to take it very seriously after reading Above Top Secret by Timothy Good which, in turn, led me into the whole conspiracy thing and now I'm reasonably well informed on such matters. In 1998 I saw a program on the TV in which the late John Mack talked about abductees or "experiencers" as they like to be called. He pointed out that a very large proportion of those abducted had been sexually abused as children. One of these people's stories touched me for some reason and I wrote to the BBC with a letter of encouragement and some suggestions to help her. Then later that year I got a call and it was the person from the program, let's call her K. We chatted a lot on the phone, she in the USA and me in the UK. After about three weeks I had the good fortune to come into enough money to go to Florida and meet this young lady. She informed me that she had been abused by her step father and I then related to her the episode I mention at the head of this paragraph.

(The story is this: HBCC UFO Research note: I have removed part of the letter as it dealt with a sexual related topic, which may, or may not have had anything to do with the ongoing experiences. But I should note that reading the letter, there maybe some strange things going on. I pick up the story "below: omitting a paragraph of his letter.)

That occurred around Easter time 1962. In the summer of 1962 I spent a lot of time at the fair (when I wasn't otherwise engaged in trying to prove my manhood). One day I came home from the fair to find my father sitting front of the TV watching the cricket. He then said the most bizarre thing he ever said to me before or since. He said "I've just been to the toilet and all this grey stuff came out". I was nine years old, I knew what the grey stuff was (courtesy of my cousin) and I was alone in the house with a man that could easily overpower me. I felt threatened, which frightened me as he had always been someone I could trust, at least on a personal level. My immediate reaction was to stay calm and make an excuse to get out. Where it came from I don't know but I said to him "oh really, I'd go and see the doctor if I were you", whilst simultaneously getting up and going to the kitchen. From there I was able to go out through another door.

I stayed out until I knew my mother would be in. I never told her about the incident and my father never mentioned it or anything like it again. But it was only in discussing this with K that I formed the opinion that maybe he may have been under the influence of someone or something else and that if he had succeeded in whatever it was he wanted to engage me in, then maybe later that year in November I would possibly have been an abductee. I have sometimes pondered this since I have put the episodes together. I don't remember losing any time and I am reasonably convinced that I was not an abduction victim, although K thought it was a possibility.

This is a strange series of events in my life and they appear even more weird when they are written down. Having come to the conclusion that I possibly escaped both abuse by my father and abduction by the orange ball, I did some research. I found a website that had a listing of sightings throughout the 60s and in the same week that I saw the ball there were other sightings of the same thing.

The ones that interested me were two sightings either the same night or the night before my sighting in Harlow, one In Clacton on Sea in Essex and one In Watford, Hertfordshire. Take a look at the map and these three places are in a straight line. Then last year I moved to Princes Risborough, Bucks for six months and discovered that the previous year there had been a flap in Risborough after an orange ball was seen hanging over the town. Whilst there we had several strange sightings which were not aircraft but could not be confirmed as the ball.

I'm glad that I have finally reported this officially as it has played on my mind for some years now. I hope you find the information useful and I would be interested in knowing about any other similar sightings of this ball/balls that you know about in the UK. Email me if you require any other information about this sighting. I will be in touch about other sightings I have had.

Additional Information:

As I said in my last email, I don't remember having lost any time on that occasion. My parents were not particularly strict but there were rules and at nine years old, 9:00 PM and still only just leaving my friend's house, was a special treat and only lasted during the run of the serial I mentioned, The Monsters. If I had been any later than about 9:15 I'm sure there would have been at least some raised voices. But I don't remember anything like that happening. The funny thing is I don't remember much at all of the after events, except running home very fast after the ball "switched off".

My other sightings include a photograph I took in the south of France when I lived there in 1994. A silver sphere hovered about 10,000 to 20,000 feet over my house for at least four hours. I took no notice at first as I was convinced that it was a weather balloon but when it refused to go away I went indoors, got my camera and took a picture. It was very difficult to stay looking at it so I would look for a while and then rest my neck for a while. It did nothing out of the ordinary except stay there. It was a typical southern French day, absolutely clear sky and full sunshine. I kept looking and quite frankly I got a bit bored with it. Then I looked after having had a rest for a few minutes and it was gone. If I can find the photo, I will send it to you.

I had two sightings on two consecutive Sundays of what I think was the same object on both occasions. 1974, Harlow about October around 5:00 PM, November time, I was driving my friend's Triumph sports car with him in the passenger seat. We saw what at first appeared to be a helicopter. It was a series of red and blue lights hovering in a perfectly clear night sky. They then started to travel at tremendous acceleration from west to east. After about three seconds they stopped abruptly and retraced their route back to the west, again at very high velocity and acceleration. Again they went back to the east and stopped to hover for a few seconds. At this point we were travelling north and the object became obscured by some houses. I stopped the car and went, by myself, into the housing estate, leaving my friend to keep an eye on the car. The object then started accelerate away from my position and travelled north, getting smaller and disappearing in about two to three seconds. The following week, almost exactly the same time, we were doing the same journey and saw what appeared to be the same object, which again made the same maneuvers and disappeared in a northerly direction but this time we saw the disappearance from the car, as we were in a slightly different position to the previous week.

As you said in your email there is always the possibility that I have had some contact that I am unaware of but that is speculation and at this point I don't feel that there is any hard evidence to support it. I will admit that I don't feel comfortable with that possibility as the prospect of ongoing abductions would make me a little paranoid to say the least. On the other hand I have often had the feeling that the orange ball may be monitoring me.

Thank you to the person for taking the time to share his experiences with me.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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