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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

Winter 1967? : London and South East England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: London and South East England

Date: 1967?

Time: 7.00 pm approx. [winter]

Number of witnesses: Thousands

Number of objects: one

Shape of objects: ovalish [rounded front/flat level rear]

Weather Conditions: Dark clear some puffy low cloud. [early evening]

Description: Travelling low and straight [approx.3000-4000 ft] in a NNE direction and not at a great speed, the silent object which I can only describe as a pulsating almost alive multicolored [like disco flashing lights] solid oval craft. It had no type of tail.

I spotted it and and shouted look to a gentlemen walking towards me in the street, it passed over a cloud and lit up the entire thing in a flashing type of lightshow, we both then watched it for another 10 seconds or so as it disappeared into the horizon.

The craft would have crossed the flight path of aircraft flying into Heathrow and would have certainly been picked up on radar, possibly even a visual sighting at RAF Northolt.

This was not a plane or meteor or asteroid, but still a controlled flying object based over the distance the object was seen.

I remain convinced that until this mystery is solved it was not of this world.

TV/Radio I remember reading a front page column of the Daily Mirror how both TV and radio stations were bombarded by calls from hundreds of witnesses from all over London and parts of the south east.