Oxford, England

August 1967

Oxford, U.K. Lights In The Night Sky

Date: August 1967
Time: Evening

Message: this is a report I've been wanting to submit since I discovered your site, but since there were 2 other witnesses, I really wanted to verify I had the facts right with them both. We reckon it was August 1967, I was driving alone downhill on a quiet road on the outskirts of Oxford, I spotted a single, quite bright light to my right, it turned before reaching me, I then saw a second light which did the same, being used to aircraft night flying I knew there was something odd, (no nav. lights, etc.) I saw them returning so I stopped & turned off the engine. I could hear nothing but grew alarmed as they seemed to come toward me! I rapidly drove the 5 miles home and dragged my two sisters out, who were very keen to see what I was excited about and returned to the spot, this must have taken 20mins + but they were still there, slightly farther away..and there were three

I stopped, turned off the engine and we watched them circling until they went beyond high ground, I actually tried to find them again but had to call it a day, although I have submitted 5 sightings now, this was the one that really started it, and I had 2 great witnesses, yet I've never been given a sensible answer to what they were, we did try and report it, but we never heard anything . The facts on this sighting are, if an aircraft comes within 1/2 to 1 mile in a quiet area (they clearly went below a known distance skyline in clear conditions) you will see the nav. lights. We saw I single steady light from the front only, and you will hear the engines, we heard absolutely nothing, and believe me it was a quiet area.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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