August 15th 1967

North London Encounter With A UFO In 1967 And Physical Evidence

Date: August 15, 1967
Time: 02.10

August 15th 1967 at 02.10 is a date I will always remember. Nature called and I had to visit the bathroom, on the way back to my bedroom I just happened to glance out through the net curtains, when I saw this bright white light at eye level. I pulled back the nets and opened the window to a beautiful North London night sky, warm and full of stars, but the light I saw was about 500 yards from my window just stationery and so very brilliant it was almost a dazzle!

As I watched I could not hear anything apart from some slight traffic sounds in the distance, then suddenly 2 smaller lights shot out one either side and a very, very brilliant cone shaped beam appeared.

It was then that I noticed thru the beam, an oak tree in the field below the object. The beam of light was so bright that I could see the time on my wristwatch (I wear it in bed) and it was 02.10. I had to partially shield my eyes from this brilliance, but I could still see the almost plasma type balls of light. The big one in the center and two smaller ones on either side. It was like this for maybe a minute or two when suddenly the two smaller lights went out (so quickly) and the center main light started to move and slightly wobble and rise.

It was then I realized that it was moving in my direction, slowly and no noise, just a huge brilliant light.

As it came toward me the brilliance seemed to dim until I then realized it was turning the bottom part up as it moved at a 20 degree angle. It was not high and it came directly at my house. It then lost it's dazzle and I looked up to see that it was a huge pear shaped object with thousands of ever so small lights haphazardly turning around on the under side of the craft as it was right over my head at about as high as a 20 story building.

Still no sound as I leaned out of the window, almost falling out (2 story house) and I felt a tingling sensation as it slowly drifted over. This craft must have been approximately 300 feet in width, and even longer from the front to back.

It went out of my view over the roof so I rushed out of my bedroom to the room in the front, hoping to see the craft as it passed over. But it was nowhere to be seen. At this stage, and with night robe on I ran into the road and turned circles looking up to no avail.

Worried and concerned I called the local police only to be greeted with the words, oh no, not another one! The officer took my phone number and said they would make a note of it (he never even asked for that report info). I could not sleep, and with coffee in hand I stood in my rear yard with eyes looking up to no avail apart from a few shooting stars, so I decided to go indoors and when I did so I just happened to look in the mirror when I noticed that the right side of my face was reddish brown and flaky patches (time then was 05.30 bst) plus my hands and right arm the same!!!

It was at this time my phone rang and it was the police who wanted to know what I had seen, they asked me to go to the police station to file a report, I said I could not do that because of the rash on my arms and face etc.

Well to cut a long report short I ended up being taken by a private car to my own doctor and found out that 15 other people had seen this object within a 20 miles radius. All of us had to be taken to the ministry of defense in London to talk, and sketch what we had seen separately, the results were exciting because people had seen this object from different angles and all said it was pear shaped.

The area where I saw the craft was roped off by the then civil defense and police for several days. Furthermore the oak tree never grew again and 3 large holes were found in the ground below the tree which myself and friends went to see, the center hole was about 18 inches in circumference and 2 outer holes one either side around 6 inches wide.

In North London following the report some 5 to 6 other factual sightings occurred. My facial so called burns were reported to be ionized ultra violet radiation as diagnosed by a Prof McCarthy from Australia. There is so much more to tell you but I do not have the time to tell all.

Thank you to the person for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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