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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

March 1974 : Painthorpe - near Wakefiled, West Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Painthorpe - near Wakefiled, West Yorks

Date: Early March 1974 Late afternoon - it was heavy dusk rather than dark

Approach Direction: From Sandal Wakefield

Departure Direction: Towards the M1 Motorway and Woolley Edge. Wakefield

Witness Direction: We were just walking along chatting when my friend pointed out the object.

Description: I was still at school - aged 15, and walking home with 2 friends. We had taken a long time to get home taking a few detours along the way. Three of us were crossing an area of wasteland known then as the planatation - it was a short cut home. Suddenly my friend david pointed out orange glow in the direction of Sandal. We could not work out what it was. As we watched it came towards us and then passed straight over the top of us . There was no sound. It looked like 2 white balls with very fuzzy edges which were almost almost touching one another. They were encased in an orange glow. Imagine seeing a bright light through misty rain - that is the best way I can describe the fuzzyness of the edges of the white balls. It really struck me -the oddness of this fuzzyness at the edges of these bright white balls. They seemed to be almost joined - but there was a space between them - they moved though in absolute unison - as if they were attached.

Color/Shape: 2 bright white balls - with fuzzy edges - within an orange glow - almost touching but not quite.

Height & Speed: Definitely well under 1000 feet and probably closer to 500 feet. It passed straight over the top of us.

TV/Radio/Press: I never saw it reported - we thought of reporting it at the time to the police vut lost our nerve.