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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

1974/1975 : Kimberworth, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location of sighting - Kimberworth, Rotherham, Yorks

Date of sighting - 1974 / 75 ( long time ago )

Time of sighting - 0715 am

Number of witnesses - 2

Number of objects - 1

Shape of object - Typical saucer / disc with lights below and surrounding object

Weather conditions - clear skies / dark

Full description of sighting - Whilst walking to meet a friend for a lift to work, I saw an object in the sky some 3 or 4 hundred of yards away, it did not look or sound like an aeroplane. I then lost sight of it as I proceeded along the road, I then looked again across the school field where it appeared to be " hovering " some 200 ft in the air and approx 200 yds away - it then moved after a few seconds closer to where I was standing, I looked to see if anyone else was around to share the moment but no one was there. The object just held its position in the sky, there was no noise at all and I knew it wasnt anything that I'd seen before. I estimated it to be approx 150 ft in diameter and surrounded by lights of many colours, these lights lit up the object which looked like the typical " sci fi " UFO.

I needed to tell someone so I ran to the bottom of Winterhill Lane where my friend Pete was waiting for me in his car. He said " come on we're goin to be late " to which I said come and look at this quick - he mumbled something and then got out of the car , we both hurried up the lane some 75 yds and the object was still there over the school field. His face was a picture and like me he couldnt believe what we were seeing. We both stood there looking in awe at this " thing " for what I think was about two or three minutes. The object then moved slowly and just seemed to dissapear in a flash.

My friend and I went back to the car and went off to work. We did talk about it but got the typical micky taking response. We also thought that it was bound to be reported in the news , yet nothing was. We couldnt have been the only people to have seen it could we ? yet we both knew that we saw something we may never see again. Yet a few years later an almost identical ( yet bigger ) object was depicted in the film " Close Encounters "

We didnt report the sighting.