Rockley Sands, Poole, Dorset, England


UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: rockley sands, poole, dorset, england

Date: 1976 evening 8pm ish

Approach Direction: from beach

Departure Direction: towards us

Witness Direction: looking at object

Description: I was teaching my younger brother to ride my moped when we noticed a ball of bright blue light approx 9" in diameter following the path up from the beach at about head height, we sat watching as it came up the path and expected to see someone carrying a torch but when it reached the top of the path it rose up in the air to about 15 ft and started heading straight for us at a slow walking pace.

Unfortunately we panicked and sped off without looking back. being image concious teenagers we decided never to mention it again. my thoughts at the time were that it was a ghost, perhaps someone in years gone by had walked up the steep path and had a heart attack. after seeing a programme on ball lightning that seemed to fit quite well as it was a very dark perhaps a bit stormy cant remember really.

I have just typed in "rockley sands ufo" into google and to my great suprise someone else had seen a ufo in 1976 at rockley sands, hence my report. I cant remember the month only the year.

If anyone has any answers i would be pleased to hear them as this is something i have puzzled over ever since.

Color/Shape: blue ball shape approx 9" diameter

Height & Speed: 6-15 ft slow walking pace


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