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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

Winter 1977/1978 : Dundee, Scotland

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Dundee, Scotland

Date: Around 5pm. 1977 or 1978. Can't remember exact date. But it must have been near winter as it was quite dark.

Approach Direction: From west

Departure Direction: Going east

Witness Direction: I was facing east

Description: I was looking out of my baby-sitters window, she was 8 floors up in multis. When a huge object went overhead. When it was above the opposite multi it looked like it was larger than the whole length of the multi. Now there were 3 courts to every multi, so I would say that would be about 400 feet. There seemed to be a bank of windows to the rear of the craft. I have kept quiet about this, but recently I have been having vivid dreams about it and it's freaking me out!

Color/Shape: Colour: Quite dark couldn't make out colour.
   Shape: I would say circular
   Other: Windows at back

Height & Speed: Very low, wouldn't guess it was much over 200ft above multi. They were 17 storeys high.

TV/Radio/Press: I remember something about an object landing in Douglas going around, but I have not found anything in local papers about it.