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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

1978 : Near Cardiff, Wales

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Location: Near Cardiff, Wales

Date: 1978

Time: Just after sunset

Number of objects: 3


I saw something at about the same location as this sighting in 1978. As I was waiting for a lift near the M4, I looked to the west and spotted a light moving along the horizon. I assumed it was a plane near Roose airport. As I watched it appeared to split into three lights, one went left, one went right and one seemed to go straight up.

I lost sight of two but the one that looked like it was going up came in my direction. [The sun had just set but there was still some afterglow in the west.]

As the light was reaching the darker sky I saw that it was on the front of an enormous dark shape. As it blacked out stars I saw it was huge, maybe miles across. I couldn't tell how high it was, At least a thousand feet, but it was silent.

It glided over Cardiff and disappeared.

Since then I have seen other strange things in the sky, several with my girlfriend and some with multiple witnesses. I saw one last week with the fella I work with, we were watching a satellite going over when a much dimmer light came up behind it and decelarated to match it's speed. A second light then appeared below it travelling at the same speed.