May 1st 1978

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Mark G

Location: Corringham, Stanford le hope, Essex. UK

Date: 05/01/78 gmt A rough estimate of date

Description: My girlfriend and I were sitting in my car out the back of her house where the garages were located. The engine was switched off and had been for an hour or more. We were both in the passenger seat (doing what 19 year olds do in cars late at night), when I noticed a group of three small white lights moving around outside of the window. It is difficult to remenber much about them now, but they seemed to be moving around rapidly but staying roughly in the same area. It was hard to say if they were close to us (and small) or a fair distance (and large). We watched them for several minutes until my car (Ford Escort 1300GT saloon)made a noise and emptied all the water from the cooling system rapidly. This unnerved my girlfriend who then ran indoors. I (being a mechanic in training at the time and more concerned with my carthan anything else) noticed that all the gauges, water temp, volt meter, fuel and oil pressure, were sitting on the max side. After refilling the cooling system everything worked fine and in the several years I had the car this never occurred again. I forgot all about this (being more interested in girls, cars, bikes and martial arts at the time) until sevaral years ago I read about some UFO's being sited along the Thames in Essex about the same time. A large cigar shaped object and several small objects wre seen by many people

Color/Shape: White lights forming a tringle shpe

Height & Speed: Not known


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