Hengoed, South Wales


UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: South Wales U.K. In the Hengoed area

Date: The year date 1980 Time approx 10.40pm

Approach Direction: a bright illuminating light the size of a football in the sky

Departure Direction: heading towards the north

Witness Direction: north facing

Description: Myself and three good friends just sitting on a wall in my village when we saw this bright light in the sky heading towards us at tremondous speed at approx 10.40pm. i really couldn't say how high that it was but it looked high enough. It approached us in a straight line then suddenly stopped it looked like that the ball went into reverse and then headed again north in a straight line then it zigged zagged for about 5 secs then went in the direction of the west. It all happened in the spate of wot we thought were a few seconds but when i got home ( i lived approx 200 yards for the wall) the time was 11.15pm. Little did i know that the following day there had been a sighting on one of locals mountains by some people who lived in my street as they were driving home. They felt it strange that their car had stalled on the mountain from which they were travveling..and then they saw the ball light ..It has been along time since i have seen my friends and we are too scared to talk about it cause people think that we were barmy when we said about the incident. This is the first time since the incident that i have told anyone else.


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