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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

1982 (or earlier) : Grays Thurrock, Essex, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Grays Thurrock, Essex, England

Date: 1982 (or earlier)

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Long, not round


This memory crops up from time to time and I always have the same thought - what the hell was it that I saw that evening??

I can't remember now how old I was exactly (under 12 years) or even what year, but I do know it was no later than 1982.

I remember pulling up outside our maisonette in Grays Thurrock, Essex. Mum opened the front door as dad carried my sleeping brother into the house.

I remember looking up to the sky because I felt like something was there, I'm pretty sure that it never made any noise and it moved very very slow it was travelling from the East heading West towards our local Parish Church. I remember shouting for my parents to come and look, this thing was as long as our maisonette (7 top 7 bottom size) I couldn't tell how wide it was. It looked like it was made of metal and it didn't have flashing lights, it was so close that I could see the bottom of it with different shaped parts to it and to me it was not round, but very long and the side I could see was fairly straight. I watched it move slowly over our block I did wonder if it was going to crash into the church it because it was so low. It was only just above the roof of our block. Then because my parents didn't hurry, I ran to the door and shouted. This took just seconds, but in those few seconds it was gone.

Now I don't understand how something moving that slow of that size could disappear that quickly?? It was so strange and over the years I have mentioned it to people from time to time and they say maybe it was an air ship type of thing. My reply is "well how can an air ship disappear that quickly??"

It's a good thing we have the web now because after looking at your websight, the closest UFO description and area to me is the Ilford sighting.

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