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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 1982 : East Grinstead, Sussex, England

Location: East Grinstead, Sussex, July 1982

Date: Don't remember exact day, I was 12 years old

Approach Direction: North or South, not sure.

Departure Direction: North or South, not sure.

Witness Direction: South to objects in the sky.

Description: I was with my best friend on a scholar trip to the UK (learning english) and staying there for 3 weeks. We were then both 12 years old. As each afternoon, we went to a golf course nearby East Grinstead and we were laying on the greens whilst eating our sandwiches. The day was sunny, clear, blue skies, no clouds at all. I was laying on my back when I saw 2 silver "balls", circular/round shapes that is, in a formation, one on top of the other. The formation was like this : (like two dots) The objects were at very high altitude,probably something like 10000 meters, well, as much as you can estimate from normal commercial aircraft at cruising altitude. The objects were "blinking" and moving at a relatively slow speed from left to right, probably North to South as we were not facing the sun (that's why I could look at the sky without being blinded by the sun). The objects did not make any noise, nor did they leave any kind of trail behind them. I pointed out what I saw to my friend, who saw them as well. We witnessed these moving objects for probably 30 seconds. Suddenly, the objects accelerated progressively (if you can say so, given that the acceleration lasted for a few seconds, and then disappeared from the sky. They literally vanished. All I can say (I am now 37 years old) is that I never had seen anything like that and that I will remember this for the rest of my life. Whatever it was, I am convinced that no man-made aircraft could attain such velocities and I still don't believe it is possible today. I have started researching into UFOs ever since I saw this. To my logic, there is no way that even at the highest speeds, such accelerations could be achieved by man-made technology. What I saw, continues to defy my logic to this day.

Color/Shape: Silver shaped "spherical" objects, in a : formation (one on top of the other)

Height & Speed: Moving in the sky at "normal" speed, like commercial aircraft. Suddenly accelerated to a speed that is literally impossible to determine. Accelerated and disappeared from the sky.

TV/Radio/Press: I don't know.