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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

Summer 1982 : Chislehurst/Bromley, Kent/London, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Chislehurst/Bromley, Kent, London UK

Date: Summer 1982

Time: midnight ish

Number of witnesses: none

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: bright lights

Weather Conditions: clear/fine

Description: in 1982 i saw some objects in the sky, but never thought to report it until now. But i remember seeing what i saw clearly.

At that time I was around 18 years old, i worked in a restaurant in Chislehurst (a suburb of Kent, London, UK), with a roof top terrace.... on a hot night after work i would go out there and sit to catch some air.

One night, as i looked into the night sky westwards toward Bromley, i noticed 3 very bright white lights moving left to right and up/down diagonally. The intensity and size of the lights rather like the spot lights on front of airplanes. I'd say they were about 2 miles away, as i could ascertain from various landmarks that they were kind-of over Bromley, which is about a mile and a half westward from where i was.

For about a minute and a half, these 3 lights manoeuvred slowly... kind of dancing in a triangle with each other. One would make a move, then the other two would follow, one after each other.

Up to that point i thought they may be the spotlights of 3 oncoming aircraft in formation, perhaps a airplane or helicopter. However, the lights did not seem to be getting closer so I assumed they were 3 helicopters.

Then, all of a sudden one of them (the leader) shot straight up vertically at very high speed and disappeared out of the atmosphere, then the second one did the same, then the third. Within a few seconds, they had all disappeared. The night was clear, there was no cloud cover, so I literally saw them shoot outwards and off into space.... faster than a blink.

I am a man of science, and generally know how physics works, and I know that the rate of acceleration as they went up, was way beyond anything of this Earth. There was no 'gradual acceleration' or 'speed pick-up', as you'd expect anything trying to leave the Earth's pull... it was instant speed, as close I can describe is perceptively just under the speed of a shooting star.

I ran inside and told my associates what I had seen but no one else had seen anything. And it was over before I couid realise that it wasn't any ordinary thing. I even rang the local Police and asked if there were any other sightings, but there were none.

I wonder.... Did any one else see this?