Thurcroft Infant School, Locksley Drive, Thurcroft, Yorkshire, England


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When i was approximately 6 years old, I and one of my, then school friends witnessed something very strange. I know this may seem odd to tell someone about it now, but I have just been reading some of the reports around Rotherham and wanted to give my account of what I saw.

I can't really remember how old I was at the time I think I must have been approximately 6ish years old (I'm now 26) as I was in the infants at the time.

Me and my friend was out in the yard of Thrybergh Infant school on our own. It was during lesson time and I can't really remember the exact reason we were out there. I think we were taking "rubbings" of different objects.

Anyway while we were out there we were at the wall at the bottom of the yard. When I looked up there in front of us appeared to be some sort of a hovering orange ball. It was slightly bigger than a football. The object didn't glow or anything but was just orange in colour. I called my friend at the time who also looked over. The object was just hovering in front of us. I do remember saying to my friend "what is that". I also remember saying is it a football or a balloon as to try and rule these out. We looked for some sort of a balloon end or something to try and identify it. There wasn't anything at all. This object just hovered in front of us. Approx 6 meteres away. (I am thinking back now and trying to judge the distance). It was almost as if it was looking at us. We just stood and watched it for approx 15 seconds. Not long afterwards the object just moved very quickly indeed and just vanished from sight. To this day I still don't know what it was. All the other stories I have read seem to specify a "glowing" aspect, which we didn't see. (It was the middle of the day). I wondered if anyone else had seen anything similar.

thanks C


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