Nottingham East Midland Airport, England

January 31st 1988

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Its been a long time since I've made contact with the UFO community. You might remember me, I ran the East midlands UFO Research Association (EMUFORA) from 1990 - 1998, and I wrote the UFO NEWS e-mail newsletters that appear on your web site amongst many other things.

I'm Anthony James and to cut to the chase, I've been catching up over the last few years on the stuff that I never had time to do cos' of the UFO stuff. This year amongst my work, I've been converting all my video tapes to DVD and scanning in my photo library into the PC amongst many other things. The reason I mention this is that I've just made a unbelievable discovery, let me put you in the picture....

When I left school and started work I bought myself a camera. This was back in 1978 and I've been taking photographs ever since. I kept a detailed log of each photo, each photo belonged to a SET. Each SET was classed as the photo's from the roll of film and I've taken well over 200 sets of photo's since 1978. Each set would have either 24 photo's (exposures) or 36 photo's.

Since January this year, I've been scanning these photographs into my PC with the final result of being able to view these photo's on my DVD player onto the TV. I recently scanned in set 69 from early 1988 and got one hell of a shock!

The attached photo was one of five taken at East Midland Airport (now Nottingham Airport although it's in Derby) on January 31st 1988. I have not altered the photo in any way except for incuding the 'enlarged area' on the main photo. This was the only photo out of 5 of this airliner with the sphere in the picture.

Click on image for full size photo
Click image for full size photo

Hi John,

Thanks for replying. I've included another photo for your attention. This one is the 5th one I took at East Midland Airport on that day. I took 5 photo's of that airliner, No 1 showing the airliner taxi-ing for take off, this is the one that the sphere near but beyond the back fin. The next three picture's show nothing starnge at all but the last picture (No 5) shows what could be the sphere as the airliner lifts off the runway.

Click on image for full size photo
Click image for full size photo

Please note the date of the photo's 31 January 1988. These were taken on 35mm film camera using 200 ASA film speed; either at 125th of a second or 250th of a second. The photo's were printed at 6 x 4 inches making the sphere's virtually impossible to notice unless you knew they were there. - These are NOT digital camera images.

I've scanned in hundreds of photo's into my PC with the end result being that I can add them to a disc and view them on my TV through my DVD player in J.Peg player mode. When I scanned the photo's in, I scanned them in at about 4 times the size so they would look good and fill the TV screen without being stretched.

I can't believe I 've had these picture's all these years and ran a UFO group for 8 years in between and never noticed them,. The photo's were taken in 1988 and have remained undiscovered until last week.


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