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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

1990s : Beech Hill, Nr Reading, Berkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Village Beech Hill Nr Reading

Date: In the 90s

Time: Around midnight

Number of witnesses: Nil

Number of objects: 2 bright lights 1 craft

Shape of objects: Flat like a plate flat surface on

Weather Conditions: Good

Description: 2 bright lights followed by the object around 20ft across wonderfull coulers very bright hard black edge moved very slowly made a noise like a tug boat then moved on at great speed 1 hr later the lights returned for some 9 seconds but did not see the craft again. I did report ths at the time but got no responce this is a brief report need more time to explain the whole thing I am sorry I cant remember who I reported it to at the time I think it was the reading evening post news paper.i remember I did report in to someone on the computer but forget who sorry!! Please treat this as a real sighting I have no time for people who dont take this subject for real. If you require more info I would gladly give it. Just 1 last thing the bright lights seemed to have a mist around them.

TV/Radio: Can't remember as it was some time ago