Birkshalt Estate, Maltby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England

August 21st/28th 1992

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: birkshalt estate maltby rotherham south yorkshire.

Date: 5am local time, friday, not sure on date but it was after the 21st and before 28th, august 1992.

Approach Direction: east

Departure Direction: west

Witness Direction: west

Description: I'd been woken by my son crying so went downstairs to get him a drink. When I'd given him one I went to the bathroom to the west of the house and heard an odd noise coming from outside, it was like a humming noise but not loud. It sounded odd and I didn't live with a road in front of house only a small park, so I went to my bedroom window to see what it was and I saw some kind of craft going over the football field. Can't say how far it was but it was about near enough for me to see it, it was nothing like a plane and was far too low any way for a plane cos it was just above the lights on the field. So I think anyway it wasn't a helicopter cos it was too big and too quiet. It was very scary for me and so I went to my husband to wake him up to come and look but when he got to the window it had gone, when I told some one on my backs she said that it was very odd cos someone two doors away had seen the same as me the year before.

Color/Shape: it was metalic,and i think round but only saw it from behind it had no wings and looked open at the back but not sure like this:


Height & Speed: it was low and going around 25 miles an hour not sure, but it must have gone right over my house

TV/Radio/Press: no i didnt report it as i was the only witness,


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