Autimn 1992

Westcliff On Sea Near Southend Essex, U.K. Object Swinging Like A Pendulum

Date: Autumn 1992
Time: Approx: 5:00 p.m.

I've seen some strange things in the sky on six occasions.

The strangest was in autumn 92 , it was around 5:00 pm and just getting dark. I was calling on a friend, I tapped on the window and while I was waiting for my friend to come to the door I started to look at the sky as you sometimes do and straight away I noticed a very bright round light, at arms length it was the size of an English two pence. I reckon it was about 300 feet in the air and half a mile away. I could gage it because at the time I was living on a high rise the 15th floor.

When my pal came to the door I just said what do you make of this John? We were looking at it for approx 5 minutes. It was swinging a bit like a pendulum slowly and after a few swings, I saw something at the top right (1 o'clock) it appeared to latch on or maybe dissolve into the main object. Soon after it vanished.

While we where observing, I was kind of commentating on the event, was pointing out the fact that there was no noise , it was not a helicopter nor plane and couldn't have been a balloon of any kind because there was a bit of a breeze a the time and at one point I was looking at it from behind a sturdy post , to me it pivoted on a neat axis.

This occurred in Westcliff on sea near Southend Essex.

Yours sincerely.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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