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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

June/July 1993 : Ketley Bank, Telford Shropshire, England

Location: Telford Shropshire UK - On Ketley Bank about 7pm - Several witnesses.

Date: Friday in June/July approx 1993 I did report it to the local Airspace authority but they never contacted me.

Approach Direction: It was approx 30metres above us from South direction heading North I think from wellington towards brookside (local towns to illustrate direction)The same sighting was reported in Somerset about 30 mins before we saw it (this was in the papers) I am sorry but I cannot remeber exact dates.

Departure Direction: Round - Massive - Black with lights all the way around the centre - I think there were lights at the bottom as well. It was travelling really slowly and we watched it for about 5 mins..then very fast zig zag moving smaller objects started moving around the larger one. This distracted us and the big object literally just zoomed off at a frightening speed.

Witness Direction: We were all looking up - it was literally right above us. My daughter who was 8 at the time noticed it first and everyone looked up - we were at a barbeque

Description: Ok arrived at the barbeque at approx 7pm - It was a long time ago and I am not sure of the dates. Friday or saturday in the summer. About 7.30pm my daughter who was about 8 asked what that was and pointed upwards - several adults looked up and we all saw a very large round object I think it was black with red or blue lights all the way around its center was moving very slowly It must have been abot 75 to 100 foot in the air above us. It was clear and visually nothing like I have ever seen before or since. We were all watching it when small objetcs bright white in colour began zig zagging all around it these distracted us while the huge object literally sped off at a frightening speed. The small objects then followed.

Color/Shape: Round Sphere - Black with a row of lights running centrally around it. MASSIVE - Then small white light objects going in a zig zaggy flight pattern all over the place very very quickly

Height & Speed: 100ft abouve us initially - really slow then very very fast

TV/Radio/Press: In the press somerset region.