UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

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Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

December 23rd 1993

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Sheffield UK

Date: 12/23/1993

Time: Appx 16.30

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Teardrop, 3D, on it's side - Mostly difficult to discern edges

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear, stars visible, dark

Description: Myself (age 23) & a friend (age appx 47 at the time) noticed an extremely bright, single light over Sheffield city centre whilst we were waiting for a bus. We commented on it briefly and continued chatting. Our bus was very late and we were stood waiting in the same place for 30 minutes , the light remained in the same position for the whole of that period and was either over the city itself or within a mile north east of it and therefore appx 1 to 1.5 miles away from us. We mentioned it a couple more times joking that it was the star of Bethlehem as it was 2 days before Christmas. It was as bright as a floodlight on a sports pitch but without the flood and it covered a portion of the sky, roughly the same as or just a little smaller than the moon*.

After appx 35 to 40 mins the light began to change, it appeared that more lights were appearing from behind it slowly and appearing next to it on the left and seconds later some also on the right. Although we could not see a shape at the time it gave the impression that the lights were on a 'craft' which was smoothly turning to face us head on. The result was a strip of lights with the bright one that we had initially seen now in the centre. The strip of lights pulsed/throbbed like blood moving through veins, they were white and always remained the same colour but did change intensity as they pulsed. It was almost as if the object was 'alive.'

The span of the lights from left to right was immense, at what we guessed to be a mile distance it's span was almost as wide as the roof on the house across the street which was only 20m away. It was very difficult to discern the shape of the craft as it seemed transparent and at the same time very black. It was almost like it was camouflaged to look like a piece of the night sky or reflecting/projecting an image of the night sky on it's surface.

The whole thing began to move towards us slowly, it made no sound that we could discern, the lights continued to pulse and it looked larger the nearer as it came towards us. As a guess, I would estimate it to be as wide as the length of a UK football pitch! We did begin to panic a little bit at this point. We knew it was something we had never seen before but we/our minds tried to fit it into all kinds of categories - helicopter? (Sheffield didn't have one at the time?, plane? - nothing at all like a plane, Christmas light display?. Laser show? I had studied an astronomy gcse course a couple of years before and knew it not to be any astronomical body or phenomenon. Although we first thought it was coming slowly straight towards us, it was actually moving towards but slightly to the left of us but we were still worried. Then four helicopters appeared from behind us, 2 to the left and 2 to the right and all heading for the object.

The object suddenly sped off to our right at a tremendous speed and stopped abruptly (still making no sound). It had passed the 2 helicopters on our right and was now quite some distance away (in the space of a couple of seconds!) and looked much smaller. All four helicopters flew backwards and forwards, apparently searching for a couple of minutes whilst the object remained still some distance away. The helicopters then started a new course towards the object; within seconds, the object flew directly up in a straight line so quickly that it was almost as if it had disappeared from one place and reappeared almost instantly in another. At this point it was so far away it looked like a star in the sky. It hung there for a brief period and then shot through the sky like a shooting star but moving upwards rather than downwards and disappeared.

The helicopters continued to fly around searching, our bus arrived and we left.

What we saw was so extraordinary that if there had not been 2 of us together then I am sure we would not have believed what we had witnessed. It was a busy evening with pre-christmas rush hour traffic and we were staring and pointing up at the sky, standing at the side of the road. Nobody seemed to be interested, people were in their own little commuter worlds! When we returned home we asked our other friends if anyone had seen anything and were surprised that no-one had witnessed anything. A friend who was in the town centre at the time said he had seen lights be didn't take any notice and just thought they were something to do with Christmas. I called 2 different places to try and report what I had seen, one place never returned my call and the other tried to convince me that it was "Space debris burning up on re-entry to the earths atmosphere." It was not space debris & was not a natural occurrence of ANY kind. The whole experience lasted appx 45 mins, 30 to 35 mins the object was a stationary white light and appx 10 mins it was moving.


*I have made a mistake in my report - Where I stated the object was "roughly the same as or just a little smaller than the moon", it was actually much smaller than that, more like Venus or a large, very bright star would be, brighter than Sirius.

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