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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

August 3rd 1996 : A1035, Bridlington - Beverley, East Yorkshire, England

Married couple witness FT Over
A1035 Bridlington To Beverley Rd

August 3rd 1996

Married couple witness FT Over A1035 Bridlington To Beverley Rd, 3/8/96.

Eric and Sandra, introduced themselves, at the August Meeting, and said they had something to tell me. After briefly listening to their story, I made arragements to meet the couple who witnessed the unusual appearance of the mysterious ‘Flying Triangle’ here in East Yorkshire, this is their story.

“At about 10:30pm on the evening of the 3 August, 1996, my wife and I were travelling home along the A1035, which runs between Bridlington, and Beverley, East Yorkshire,” said Eric. “To the North-West in the darkening sky, I suddenly saw a Large TRIANGULAR shape, perhaps half a mile up in the sky, and roughly five miles away. The shape had three intense white lights at each angle, joined by a thin electric blue/white line joining the extremities. The shape was several hundred feet high and a perfect triangle shape ( Drawing above supplied by witness ).”
“I had never seen anything like this before.” Said Eric. I pointed this out to my wife and we were both entranced. Sandra said: “The lights were almost Halogen bright.”
“The light remained static for a few moments as we drove slowly towards it.”
She continued. “Suddenly, the ‘Triangle’ (FT), moved several miles in the blinking of an eye, stopped momentarily, then moved off to re-appear alongside us, but probably half a mile to the north of our position.”

The light remained motionless for a second or two. By this time Eric and Sandra had slowed the car down to get a better view of this strange aerial phenomenon, in fact they had wound the window down to see better.

Sandra said: “when we wound the window down, the first thing we noticed was the intense and complete silence. There was no noise from the ‘Triangle’ what so ever. There was a feeling of peace about the object-not at all frightening-almost reassuring.”
Eric again took up the story: “Suddenly, the light then flashed and reappeared almost on the eastern horizon and then it finally disappeared.” This strange craft, had crossed the horizons in a few seconds, stopping enroute four times. At all times, it remained a perfect triangle shape, but the thing that really sticks in the mind is that the triangle flew point upwards.

I asked why it had taken so long for them to come forward with the above information.
Eric said: “ We are both members of an historical re-enactment society, called ‘The Sealed Knot Society’. We spend a lot of our time re-fighting the English Civil War. We were in fact on our way home, after taking part in a meeting, further up the coast. We were in fact still dressed in our period costumes, can you imagine the look we would have got if we went to the Beverley Police Station dressed like that! At this point, I agreed they would have been laughed out of the Police Station. Then, I thanked them for letting us know about the above events, but, had to explain to them that after such a long period of time, it would be to late to follow up the case, and come to a successful answer to their sighting.

Even so, we can still add their details to our list of sightings in the East Yorkshire area.


Report from:

Chris Evers