27th July 1997

Name: Gerry F

Location: south quay douglas isle of man

Date: saturday 27th july 1997


Approach Direction: from right to left

Departure Direction: from right to left diagonally

Witness Direction: straight at it

Description: the time was 2340 hours an orangey coloured ball shape approched from behind and to our right my wife noticed and screamed for me to look round it travelled at an almost incredible speed faster than anything i have ever seen it then stopped in mid flight and hovered i was screaming for it to land sounds crazy but i did it then moved forward what appeared to be about ten yards stopped again then took off at an unbelievable speed i tried to climb a small wall and up a pole to see over the roofs of the buildings to our left but it was gone we raced to our car then drove round the corner on to the promenade but it was gone

Color/Shape: orangey colour like the sun was shining on the moon it was a round ball like shape and it was silent no sound

Height & Speed: just above the hill to our right what appeared about fifty feet but was probably more it all happened so fast

TV/Radio/Press: the incident i saw was not reported that i know of but when i went into work on the monday morning i said to my workmates i bet you dont believe what i saw saturdy night and before i could finish a workmate who is now deceased roy marshall said was it a orange coloured ball in the sky and i said yes did you see it to he said yes him and his wife and a few other camper vans were camping on the shore at the other end of the island and they witnessed it to then on the wednesday of the same week one of the local tv news stations showed a video from a man who stayed somewhere in cumbria who had filmed the same coloured ball shape and it was on tv my wife had recorded it for me to see we do not have the tape anymore as we use them for tv programmes we watch i have kept this small ufo book that i got many years ago and on the back there is lots of questions it ask`s you if you ever see a ufo and i started filling it in the day after the news report i still have this book whitch you are welcome to have as far as my deceased workmate i think his wife still stays on the island though i do not know her but i am sure roy said to me that he told her what i had told him and if she was with him as he said she was then there are other witnesses who saw it


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/970727.shtml