August 16th 1997

On this morning of August 16 1997 at approximately 12:45 am, my girlfriend and I decided to go out to our back yard to look at a bright light, we have been seeing for the past three weeks. The light in question had been seen on numerous occasions before, and I had personally thought it to be a bright planet, as it always seems to be in the same vicinity.

As we were looking at the bright light, I happened to glance to my left just above the roof of the flats, to see a small star like object clearly gliding across the night sky. It seemed to be moving quite fast as we compared it to the edge of our block of flats and also with the real stars in the sky. In the space of about 30 seconds we witnessed the object traverse from our left, above our heads, to the middle of the sky where the object suddenly came to a standstill.

At that point my girlfriend ran to get some witnesses while I stayed to view the stationary object. Whilst my girlfriend was away I witnessed a shooting star-like discharge racing across the sky in the vicinity of the stationary object. Frightened that I would witness all this phenomena alone, I knocked on my neighbour's door and he and his son then came outside and started looking at the object I had been observing. By this time there seemed to be an awful lot of activity, and my girlfriend returned with another three witnesses, whom I can honestly say were a little more than sceptical, however, after witnessing what appeared to be multiple objects or one object moving extremely fast, the scepticism disappeared.

By now there were seven people present and all witnessing the same phenomena, there appeared to be many shooting star like objects traversing in the direction of the moving ufo's, almost like they were being fired upon, this seemed to strike up a feeling of excitement and an intense disbelief amongst our group of spectators.

Our emotions by this time ran so high we awoke two of our neighbours who suddenly appeared on their balcony enquiring as to what all the commotion was about. They soon saw what had us all riveted and perhaps a little frightened.

The sky tonight, was very clear and the visibility was very good apart from a very thin broken cloud away to the south West of where we were looking. At times the star like objects seemed to be almost popping in and out from behind the thin cloud. But the objects were most clearly seen against the clear black starry sky.

The ufo's viewed showed no signs of any exterior lights whatsoever, however during the sighting a plane had taken off from Edinburgh airport and could be seen above the River Forth with its red and green flashing lights clearly visible. The obvious difference in altitude between the plane and the ufo's was more than apparent, the ufo's seemed the size of a pearl compared to the aircraft's size which suggests perhaps the ufo's were either just outside or perhaps inside the Earth's atmosphere.

This event lasted for approximately 45 minutes. There were nine witnesses who saw all we have stated, we do not have the means of finding out if anything was reported to or seen by the military or the Airforce, who have a base nearby, but we would love to hear from anyone who has or knows of anyone with information on this sighting.

Any info on this subject is greatly appreciated.

Dave Ledger


We recently submitted a brief report of a UFO sighting, but now we have had a chance to come to terms with what we saw that night, here is a more detailed account of events.

Firstly we would like to admit first hand, that we are classed as working class people, and to certain individual opinions this may discredit our statements right away, but we hope there are people out there who will believe us, and understand we are perfectly intelligent and sane people.

On the morning of Saturday 16th August at around 12:45am, myself and my partner decided to let the dogs out onto the back garden, and also to observe an object in the sky, that we have continuously encountered over the last three week period, my partner believes it to be a planet (perhaps Venus), and appears like a very large bright star, that seems to disappear before dawn.

However on this particular night, we noticed that the sky was dense and extremely clear, with only thin hazy patches of cloud here and there. Just as my partner looked up at the sky to our left over our shoulders, we spotted what appeared to be just another star in the sky, until it began to move. We live in a three storey block of flats, and we could see this starlike object move away from the rooftops of the flats towards the south and most probably over the River Forth somewhere, it seemed to cut through the sky with great ease, almost like it was gliding, but was actually going exceptionally fast, it must have been to cover the ground it covered in such a short space of time, it travelled three quarters of the sky in approximately 30 seconds, when it came to a sudden halt and just remained there stationary. At this point I decided to go for more people to witness what we were experiencing. On my return with three other witnesses, I discovered my partner had gone to our next door neighbour, so he and his teenage son had come to investigate, swearing my partner was mad. Just as the group of seven at this point, congregated in one huddle, what appeared to be at first, a shooting star, projecting rapidly, towards the stationary object in a vertical/diagonal fashion from left to right, at a great speed, then the stationary object took off from a standstill, in the opposite direction from its oncoming threat, and just seemed to disappear, as did the other object,it just seemed to go up and up until it was gone, but only this object manouvered in a continuous line, never leaving its course, unlike the stationary object.

We saw the same phenomenon at least five times more, only they were not all heading south, some were heading north east and another passed over our heads towards the west. All looked identical, but then they were incredibly high in the sky. These events were also observed by two new members of the group, whom we had all awakened, due to our over excitement and disbelief of what we were encountering.

During these proceedings, an aeroplane took off from Edinburgh Airport, heading South West of where we stood. Even once it was in the sky we were able to compare the sizes of the object and the plane, the best description we can muster, is the plane was sized like a pea, in comparison to the object which was the equivalent of a needle prick, which suggested to us, the object was flying at an exceedingly high altitude. (We are no experts, and do not claim to be, but it is our own beliefs, they were just inside or outside the Earth's atmosphere).

This whole experience lasted around 45 minutes (01:30 am) and was witnessed by nine people in total, although some members came a little later, but none of us can even begin to comprehend what we saw, but we know we did see it. It has been suggested that perhaps this could have been satellites, however, how can there possibly be several satellites, in the same part of the sky, going in different directions, at the same time, it seems very unlikely, and what were the projectile shooting objects which seemed to always be on the other objects pathway, on what seemed a collision course.

We did report this incident to two newspapers, one local and the other in a major city, but not to have our story published, merely to try and find out if this was witnessed by anyone else, but we were unsuccessful here, however, one reporter did telephone us back and went out of his way to inform us, "no meteor showers or air activity, had been reported in this area"

We then called a local Radio Station, after hearing on the grape vine that someone else had called the Station to report the same incident we witnessed, but because there had been only one caller, I think it was dismissed as a joke, that is until we called. Then there seemed a bit of interest, he obviously could not tell us who the other caller was, but he did provide us with a description, of the objects witnessed by the anonymous caller, and to our relief it was exactly the same.

On reflection, it seems that these objects, at a quick glance up at the sky, could and probably would, be mistaken for stars, and the flashes just shooting stars, because this was our thoughts too, until it became a periodic occurrence, hence, only occurring when a moving object was in the vicinity.

All we ask of anyone reading this is keep an open mind, and do not prejudge us as insane. We would really like to know if anyone else has had similar sightings, to help us to share what we encountered and help us come to terms with it.

NOTE: This is the Full and Original text of the sighting report featured in UFO Roundup Vol.2 No.34


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