September 13th 1997

This is the second UFO sighting I have received in the past few weeks from this area. The Town crier Mr. Philip Glett witnessed an object on 13th September this year at 03:15am he was completely amazed by his sighting, he said, " I am not prone to believing in this sort of thing, but now I've seen one I have to reevaluate my thinking, I have seen a UFO and now I believe these things are Real". Mr P Glett Report Follows:-

The Greenhouse sightings report

Date/Time: Saturday 13th September 1997
Duration of Sighting: 20Mins 03:15 - 03:35
Location: SW Mounts Bay Penzance Cornwall
Investigator: Mr D A Dunworth (The Greenhouse DIRECTOR)

Witness: Mr Phillip Gillet
Occupation: Town Crier (Penzance Cornwall)

By Dave Dunworth thegreenhouse@netmatters.co.uk

In his own words Mr Phillip Gillet Explains.........

In the early hours of Saturday morning I awoke and looked through the window towards the sky in a SE direction. What I saw was to make me get out of bed and take a closer look, upon investigation I saw what appeared to be a large oval rugby ball shaped light in the night sky. The light did not appear to be traveling in any direction but I did notice that the object was shimmering almost like a jelly. The light appeared to be a bright yellow/orange and had a kind of transparency to it.

I watched this light for a good 20 minutes, what I was seeing in my experience was not a conventional air craft or balloon, the position of my window looks towards the Lloyds Bank clock tower (Easterly), this gave me a good viewing point. The visibility was good and I could make out the plough and I think its Jupiter the bright star we can see at the moment.

After observing the object for 20 min watching it all the time shimmering and clearly visible I began to realize that what I was in fact seeing was a UFO, I felt excited at this prospect and was pleased that after all this time I had actually seen one.

The light continued to glow its unmistakable golden colour and then it suddenly vanished without a trace it did not shoot off in any particular direction it just vanished as if someone had switched the object off like a light.

Copyright (c)1997 The Greenhouse

Source: Dave Dunworth Director of The Greenhouse
From: Dave Dunworth thegreenhouse@netmatters.co.uk

This article used with permission and taken from the United Kingdom UFO Network Bulletin Issue 87.


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