October 17th 1997

Lights Plague Cornwall's South West Peninsular
By Dave Dunworth

Sightings of strange lights continue to plague Cornwall's South West Peninsular

On Friday 17th October at 08:30am a bright, tear shaped, unidentified flying object was spotted by a father and daughter collecting their morning milk. They spotted what at first glance appeared to be a conventional aircraft at an unusual angle, the strange light caught their attention as it traveled from East to West, the father decided to get his binoculars to take a better look. The bright light appeared to be tear shaped and was definitely not an aircraft he saw what appeared to be Black Lines running through the object, these Black Lines seemed to be rotating. The object traveled in a Westerly direction from the Irish Sea to the English Channel over the ancient monuments and along the path of a mystical Lay Line towards Mounts Bay and St. Michael's Mount. The same object was also seen by a woman from 2 miles away at Penzance who watched it travel over the Bay towards St. Michael's Mount and disappear from view.

The local RAF Base, RNAS Culdrose, was contacted to see if they had anything unusual on radar this proved negative so the sighting remains another mystery as have other frequent sightings in this area.

This type of sighting is fast becoming common place in the skies of West Cornwall, they appear frequently over ancient monuments and also follow the paths of Lay Lines. It is interesting to note that theses activities are within a 20 mile radius of RNAS Culdrose the biggest Helicopter base in Europe.

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Source: Dave Dunworth Director of The Greenhouse
From: Dave Dunworth thegreenhouse@netmatters.co.uk

This article used with permission and taken from the United Kingdom UFO Network Bulletin Issue 87.


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