November 16th 1997

Object Over Bangor North Wales UK

On Sunday November 16th (1997) at 16:10 hrs GMT an object was sighted moving South to North over Bangor North Wales, UK. The object was observed from the upper floor of the University Library. When the object was first sighted it was bright white in colour, then it entered a cloud, when it emerged it was a Yellow/Gold in colour, and had a similarity to the rescue helicopters which operate in the area. But the object showed no characteristic rotor blades or flotation/undercarriage struts port and starboard. It had no flashing warning strobes and no ensignia denoting its origin.

The shape was similar to a tear drop on its side. The motion seemed to be too smooth to be a helicopter or other aircraft. It did not reappear once out of sight. The object was at approximately 500ft with the sun to its starboard. The forward portion of the "fuselage" had a black/dark area which led me to compare it to the Sea King helicopter in the Search and Rescue colours. There was no forward canopy visible. The craft was in sight for approximately 8-10 seconds. I am an experienced ex-military aircraft observer and am proficient in aircraft recognition. Hope this is of some interest to you. Thanks for your time.

uk.ufo.nw is attempting to make further enquiries into this sighting.

Sighting by: baylissl@gwent-tertiary.ac.uk
Submitted by: Joel Henry - Minnesota MUFON jhenry@wavefront.com

This article used with permission and taken from the United Kingdom UFO Network Bulletin Issue 86.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/971116.shtml